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Government run vegetable shop in Karulai
Government run vegetable shop in Karulai
Coordinates: 11°17′15″N 76°17′48″E / 11.287592°N 76.296766°E / 11.287592; 76.296766Coordinates: 11°17′15″N 76°17′48″E / 11.287592°N 76.296766°E / 11.287592; 76.296766
Country  India
State Kerala
District Malappuram
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code 04931

Karulai is a small town and panchayath in Nilambur Taluk of Malappuram district. It is situated on the banks of the Karimpuzha River. Edakkara, Nilambur, Pookkottumpadam, and Vaniyambalam are the nearest towns.

Tourist attraction[edit]

Karulai is the "gods' own village" in Kerala State with green forest and having a variety of animals and fish in the River Karimpuzha.[1]


Nedumkayam is 14 km from Nilambur town, in Malappuram district, Kerala, India. Nedumkayam is noted especially for its rich rain forests. The wooden resthouse built here by the British offers a panoramic view of the elephant and deer grazing in the forest nearby . One has to get prior permission from the Indian Forest Service to enter the forest zone. Heavy restrictions are imposed as a measure to save the existing forest land. An elephant taming center is also located here. Nilambur including Nedumkayam has been selected for being developed as Kerala's second ecotourism destination. It is very beautiful and very good tourist center.There is a huge demand for the last several years to create he Nilambur - Karulai - Silent Valley - Coimbatore road.

Kunhamutty School, Karulayi, Nilambur

Road distances[edit]

  • Nilambur to Karulayi. 7 km
  • Karulayi to Nedungayam. 7 km

Naxalite threat[edit]

In November 24, 2016, three naxalites were killed in an encounter with Kerala police. Naxalite leader Kappu Devaraj from Andhra Pradesh is included in the list of killed in the incident.[2] Villages like Mundakkadavu, Kalkullam and Uchakkulam near Karulai are threatened by Naxalite attacks. Naxalites visit the locality regularly and ask for food and shelter from the tribals. The police are also combing the area regularly but have not arrested any naxalites. On 27 September 2016, there was firing between the Maoists and the Kerala police in this area and no one was injured in this incident.[3]

Tribal villages[edit]

  • Nedumkayam
  • Mancheeri
  • Mundakkadavu
  • Uchakkulam
  • Kalkkulam

Villages and suburbs[edit]

  • Chandakkunnu, Mukkatta and VEllappuzha
  • Mutheeri, Nallamkanny and Pulliyilvalace

Important landmarks[edit]

Nedungayam Bridge
  • Karulayi Orphanage
  • Tharbiyathul Ouladh Madhrassa
  • Kunhamutty Higher Secondary School
  • Organic Vegetable Cluster, Krishi Bhavan
  • Karulayi Panchayath Office, School Road