New Police Story

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New Police Story
Hong Kong film poster
Traditional 新警察故事
Simplified 新警察故事
Mandarin Xīn Jing Cha Gu Shi
Cantonese San Ging Chat Gu Si
Directed by Benny Chan
Produced by Benny Chan
Jackie Chan
Willie Chan
Barbie Tung
Solon So
Written by Alan Yuen
Starring Jackie Chan
Nicholas Tse
Charlie Yeung
Charlene Choi
Daniel Wu
Ken Lo
Liu Kai-chi
Music by Tommy Wai
Cinematography Anthony Pun
Edited by Yau Chi-wai
Distributed by JCE Movies Limited
Emperor Motion Pictures
China Film Group Corporation
Release dates
  • 23 September 2004 (2004-09-23)
Running time
124 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK $21,109,502
New Police Story is also an alternate title for the 1993 Hong Kong film Crime Story.

New Police Story is a 2004 Hong Kong action film produced and directed by Benny Chan, and also produced by and starring Jackie Chan. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 24 September 2004.

The film is a reboot of the Police Story series. New Police Story relies much more on drama and heavy action than its predecessors.


The film begins with inspector Chan Kwok-wing (Chinese: 陳國榮; pinyin: Chén Guóróng; Jyutping: Can4 Gwok3 Wing4) heavily drinking alcohol. Later he collapses and is taken to the house of a stranger named Frank Cheng (Chinese: 鄭小峰; pinyin: Zhèng Xiǎofēng; Jyutping: Zeng6 Siu2 Fung1), who claims to be a police officer.

A year before, Chan had disguised himself as a camera-man in order to subdue a hostage-taker in Central. Soon after, a group of young criminals robbed a bank, managing to kill all of the responding police officers outside of Legislative Council using military-grade weapons. Chan and his squad were called to arrest the gang at their hide-out, but the building was rigged with traps, and the criminals were highly skilled at fighting, causing the deaths of all of Chan's men. Chan took a year-long leave from the police force as a result of the trauma.

Chan and Frank conduct an independent investigation to capture those criminals, all while facing resistance from the police. They discover that the criminals are children born into rich families. During this process, Chan discovers that Frank isn't really a police officer. The leader of the criminals, Joe, ties a bomb around the neck of Ho Yee, Chan's girlfriend. Chan successfully removes the bomb but it explodes right after, causing damage to the police station, the consequence of which is that Chan and Frank are locked up. However, the police officers feel sympathy for Chan and Frank, and allow them to walk out of the jail while looking the other way. Shortly after, Chan and Frank see an announcement made at a cyber-face, where the criminals state that they will attack the Bank of Hong Kong, located in New Wing of the Convention and Exhibition Centre.

As the attack begins, Chan asks the police to evacuate the civilians, then sends in the criminals' parents in order to humiliate the criminals. One of the criminals tries to quit the group out of shame, but Joe proceeds to kill him. Chan and Frank run deeper into the building and disable two more criminals. One of them, as he is injured, reaches for a pistol and intends to shoot Chan, but stops himself after hearing Chan call for medical support.

Chan finds Joe on the roof, just as Joe was preparing to throw Frank off, having first tied him up. Joe challenges Chan to another race of assembling a semiautomatic pistol, with the wager being Frank's life. This time Chan wins by putting the bullet directly into the chamber, as opposed into the magazine. Police officers led by Joe's father surround the roof. In response, Joe points the gun at his father, forcing the police to kill him, meaning that he effectively commits suicide. Frank is saved by an air cushion deployed beneath him.

In front of Chan's colleagues, Ho Yee accepts Chan's proposal for marriage. As the crowd applauds, Frank exits but leaves his jacket behind. Chan realizes that it is his own jacket from many years before. He recalls an incident where a poor man tried to steal food from a 7-Eleven to feed his son, but was hit by a truck. While another officer handled the body, Chan gave the boy his jacket and bought him a loaf of bread. Chan asked the boy for his name, to which the boy replied, "Frank Cheng."


  • Jackie Chan – Senior Inspector Chan Kwok Wing
  • Nicholas Tse – Frank Cheng Siu-fung
  • Charlie Yeung – Sun Ho-yee
  • Daniel Wu – Joe Kwan
  • Lee Ting-fung – Joe Kwan - Age 6
  • Charlene Choi – Sa Sa
  • Dave Wong – Sam Wong Sum
  • Hayama Go – Max Leung
  • Terence Yin – Fire
  • Yu Rongguang – Commander Chiu Chan
  • Chun Sun – Joe Kwan's father
  • Lui Yau-wai – Joe Kwan's mother (as Lisa Lui)
  • Coco Chiang – Sue Chow
  • Andy On – Law Tin-tin
  • Liu Kai-chi – Chief Tai
  • John Shum – Eric Chow
  • Ken Lo – Kwong, Wing's team member
  • Asuka Higuchi – Kwong's wife
  • Steven Cheung – Green-haired thief
  • Kenny Kwan – Red-haired thief
  • Wu Bai – Father of Frank Cheng
  • Deep Ng – Rocky, Wing's team member
  • Tony Ho – Chui, Wing's team member
  • Timmy Hung – Tin Ming, Wing's team member
  • Sammy Hung – Tin Chiu, Wing's team member
  • Carl Ng – Carl, Wing's team member
  • Andrew Lin – Hoi, Wing's team member
  • Samuel Pang – Sam, Wing's team member
  • Philip Ng – Philip, Wing's team member
  • Winnie Leung – Female Hostage
  • Eric Kwok – Male Hostage
  • Mandy Chiang – Chui's girlfriend
  • Mak Bau – Negotiator
  • Ringo Chen – Tourist
  • Park Huyn-jin – Disco Bouncer
  • Ng Kong – Disco Bouncer
  • He Jun – Disco Bouncer
  • Anthony Carpio – Disco Bouncer
  • Chan Tat-kwong – Disco Bouncer
  • Stephen Rohn – X-Game Player
  • Stephen Julien – X-Game Player
  • Ho Wai-yip – Police Officer Outside Convenience Store
  • Audiotraffic – Jazz Bar Band
  • Victy Wong – Cop
  • Zac Koo – HKCEC Police man
  • Stephen Julien – X-Game Player
  • Stephen Bohn – X-Game Player
  • Mars (extra) (uncredited)
  • Roderick Lam – Sam's subordinate
  • Jason Yip – Student's father
  • Nic Yan – Detention Suspect

Jackie Chan Stunt Team[edit]


Principal photography took place in Hong Kong between from 1 January until 31 December 2003.

Box office[edit]

New Police Story opened in Hong Kong on 23 September 2004 where it made $5,625,746 HKD in its first three days. It ended its run with $21 million HKD to making it the fourth highest-grossing domestic release of the year.

On 13 October 2006, the film received a limiting release in the United Kingdom. In its opening weekend the film grossed $19,332 having been shown in 16 theatres. It ranked #21 at the box office and averaged $1,208 per theatre.[1] As of 22 October 2006, New Police Story had grossed a total of $33,404 in its two week release in the UK.[2] British film critic Jonathan Ross gave the film a fairly positive review and felt that Chan could "still do the business".[3]

International version[edit]

New Police Story was released straight-to-DVD in the United States by Lions Gate on 16 May 2006. The DVD included an English dubbed with participation by Jackie Chan. Also included is an introduction by Jackie himself and a message not to buy a pirated copy of the film. When played in its original language it contains dubtitles. A cut was made towards the end of the film wherein a young Frank Cheng was being escorted back to the PRC by Chan.

A Blu-ray version was released in the United States on 24 November 2009.


24th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards

  • Nomination - Best Picture
  • Nomination - Best Director (Benny Chan)
  • Nomination - Best Actor (Jackie Chan)
  • Nomination - Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Wu)
  • Nomination - Best Editing (Yau Chi-wai)
  • Nomination - Best Action Design (Lee Chung-chi, Jackie Chan Stunt Team)
  • Nomination - Best Sound Effects (Kinson Tsang Kin-cheung)
  • Nomination - Best Visual Effects (Wong Won-tak, Ho Chi-fai)

41st Annual Golden Horse Awards

  • Winner - Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Wu)
  • Winner - Best Action Choreography (Lee Chung-chi, Jackie Chan Stunt Team)
  • Winner - Best Visual Effects (Victor Wong, Brian Ho)
  • Winner - Audience Choice Award
  • Nomination - Best Editing (Yau Chi-wai)
  • Nomination - Best Art Direction (Wong Ching-ching, Choo Sung-pong, Oliver Wong)
  • Nomination - Best Sound Effects (Tsang King-cheung)

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