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Nicole Schmitz
Born Nicole Cassandra Maturan Schmitz
(1988-06-28) 28 June 1988 (age 29)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Home town Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Title Binibining Pilipinas International 2012
Beauty pageant titleholder
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Binibining Pilipinas 2007
(Top 13)
Binibining Pilipinas 2012
(Winner- Binibining Pilipinas International 2012)
Miss International 2012
(Top 15)

Nicole Cassandra Maturan Schmitz is a Filipino-German beauty titleholder who represented the Philippines in the Miss International 2012 pageant on Okinawa, Japan in 21 October 2012 where she placed on the Top 15 Semi-Finalist. It was the same day that Blessed Pedro Calungsod, the second Filipino to be already canonized for sainthood. She is also the third representative of the Philippines who has German blood after Miss International 2010 - Top 15 Semi-Finalist, Krista Kleiner and Miss International 2009 - Top 15 Semi-Finalist and Melody Gersbach who died in 21 August 2010 in a car accident.

She is under Rodgil Flores who handled and trained Miss International 2005, Precious Lara Quigaman; Miss International 2008 - Top 12 Semi-Finalist Patricia Fernandez; Miss International 2011 - Top 15 Semi-Finalist Dianne Necio; Miss World 2005 - Top 15 Semi-Finalist Carlene Aguilar; Miss World 2004 - Top 5 Finalist Karla Bautista; Miss Earth Air 2009 Sandra Seifert and Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry.


She won the title Binibining Pilipinas International through Binibining Pilipinas 2012 pageant where she was also titled as Best in Swimsuit and Best in National Costume from that edition. In the question-and-answer portion, Schmitz, a law student, was asked by one of the judges John Martin Miller, "Which you would rather be, someone who's respected or someone who is loved and why?" Her answer: "I would rather be someone respected because that means you maintain your integrity, dignity and self-respect and that means that in turn you will be loved by whoever matters and everyone around you."[1] At that time, 'Nicole Schmitz' trended on Twitter both Worldwide and Philippines.[2] Here's an article of an interview after her win:

"It was actually a very surreal feeling. It didn’t even sink in for a week and when it did, I just started to cry. I was so happy I was able to make it,” she said. Nicole shared that months before the pageant, she underwent rigorous training in walking, talking and exercise – saying, “I took this pageant seriously and I wanted to make sure that I gave it my best. Luckily, it paid off. It’s really all about determination and perseverance.”
Of course, keeping her busy nowadays are her preparations for the Miss International that will be held in Japan on October. Nicole is undergoing another round of pageant training under the Binibining Pilipinas Foundation, and is brushing up her fluency in Nippongo as well. “I just want to live without regrets,” Nicole said ardently. “There are a lot of things I want to achieve in my life. I don’t want to miss out, I don’t want to look back and go: I should have done that when I could have,” “That’s why I came back to do this pageant,” she explained. “If I don’t do it now, I know I’ll regret it.” Nicole described her pageant experience as a “great” one, as it taught her many valuable things and at the same time, through the foundation’s charity works, she was able to give back to the community. To those who wish to follow her footsteps, Nicole’s simple message was: “I would definitely encourage it. It’s a great experience. More than anything, you learn to be a woman and you develop self-confidence and independence. Then for those girls who are unsure, it doesn’t really matter if you’re the prettiest or the tallest, because it’s really about how you shine on stage.”[3]

After winning, she got a courtesy call from the mayor of her hometown Cebu City specifically in Liloan. She received a token of appreciation.[4] She also had a homecoming on her mother's hometown Jimenez, Misamis Occidental, Mindanao.[5] This is where she was also invited as a judge for the Search for BB. Jimenez 2012.[6] She also answered in a different event the question of why "It's More fun in the Philippines": "To be honest, I've just never been anywhere else in the world where the people are so friendly, warm, and able to just have a laugh and joke about themselves. That's truly a unique experience in the Philippines, I think." She adds that the Filipinos find joy in the simplest things and this is one more reason why it is more fun in the Philippines.[7]

Sun.Star said "She has everything one would expect from a beauty queen. She has a statuesque figure, a magnetic doll-like face, and an evident knack for style. Likewise, she has everything that is befitting of a lady who carries the name “Binibining Pilipinas.” She bears the true inner beauty of a Filipino – charm, brilliance, and poise – and indeed, she is a suitable representative to this year’s Miss International beauty pageant."[3] Elaine Kay Moll, Binibining Pilipinas 2012 1st runner-up and Miss Supranational 2012 3rd runner-up believes her fellow Binibining Pilipinas 2012 winner will do great. "Nicole is very determined. All she has to do is be confident, be herself, be fierce, and she'll surely shine." Dianne Elaine Necio, Binibining Pilipinas 2011 - International thinks Nicole will return to the Philippines victorious. She added: "During the coronation night, when they were about to announce my successor, Nicole was one of my top bets. I felt she has what it takes to get the Miss International title," "Nicole was very focused and disciplined all throughout the training. She's ready to battle even before she was given a crown, but she never stops improving and eagerly listens to suggestions. I'm sure she will do well in the competition and bring us the Miss International crown."[8]

Full details about her preparations were later on revealed.

What does a day in the life of a beauty-queen-in-training look like? For Nicole, it’s never-ending beauty sessions. She wakes up at 7am to get ready for her Japanese lessons. With the Miss International 2012 being held in Japan, knowing the language will make it easier for her to charm them. After an hour of Domo Arigato Gazaimus etc., Nicole Schmitz heads off to her skin doctor for a facial or a body pampering session. Next on the itinerary: fitting sessions and clothes, clothes, clothes! Bb. Pilipinas tends to be secretive about what their candidates will wear in their international competitions but based on past experience, I’m guessing that Nicole Schmitz will be wearing a competitive gown made by a top South American designer and branded outfits ordered from New York City. All will be refitted to make sure they fit her every curve. The outfits a beauty queen brings with her to an international pageant are of prime importance. Many pageants start judging the girls on Day 1, so looking fashionable all the time and wearing the appropriate outfits can add points to Nicole’s scoreboard. Also, knowing that you look great everyday can boost your confidence level which is exactly why the Bb. Pilipinas team takes fashion requirements seriously. After the fittings, it’s time to practice the catwalk. We all know how Shamcey Supsup dominated the stage with her Tsunami Walk in the Miss Universe 2011 so developing a smashing sashay for the stage is crucial for Nicole Schmitz if she is to stand out in a crowd of beauties. It is no easy task to perfect one’s catwalk and even top models in the world continue to find ways to improve the way they move on stage. Physical training is last on the agenda and that involves practicing her talent portion or working out in the gym under the tutelage of fitness guru to the beauty queens, John Jay Cuay. As for preparing for the Q&A, I have no doubt that the well-spoken law student will perform with high marks in this area given her educational background and her great command of English.

Nicole Schmitz has the natural grace of a dancer simply because she happens to be a student of Salsa! The first time I saw her dance was at the Talent Show of Bb. Pilipinas 2012 at the Ali Mall. But Nicole Schmitz won’t be Salsa-ing her way to Okinawa, Japan; she’ll be performing a Poi Dance with flags and LED balls at the Talent Competition of Miss International 2012. Poi is a Maori dance involving the creative swinging of balls or weights that are attached to strings.
For Nicole, getting physically ready for a pageant as big as Miss International involves not just dancing but also some serious gym work. Under the strict eye of fitness expert John Jay Cuay who specializes in training beauty queens for pageants Nicole Schmitz has been able to develop trimmer arms and a leaner waistline. John was able to help her whittle down her abs from 24.5 to 23 inches. In order to maintain her lean and competitive body, Nicole Schmitz has gone Vegan and has temporarily removed bread and rice from her diet. It’s her first time to go Vegan and she’s seriously considering it as a lifestyle even after the Miss International 2012 beauty pageant is over.

Indeed, Nicole Schmitz has a solid gameplan for the Miss International 2012: keep positive, do as many preps as possible and make adjustments along the way. But she’s not leaving it all to that; Nicole believes hard work still needs a smile from lady luck. So her prep team actually includes a Feng Shui expert who has been instructing her as to what charms to wear, what colors will give her good joss, what things to do and avoid and even what direction to sleep in at night! According to the Feng Shui expert, after looking at star charts based on her birth date and time, Nicole Schmitz has luck on her side as she competes for the Miss International 2012 title.[9]

Schmitz had a send-off party last 27 September 2012.[10] She will depart to Japan on 1 October 2012 for the said international pageant. It will be a second trip to Japan for Nicole who went on a winter tour of Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Osaka in 2008. But before that, she was interviewed and she answered: "I’ve been preparing myself for several months mentally, spiritually, emotionally and of course, physically," "We have won four Miss International titles so far so it’s a big challenge for me to bring home a fifth one. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed," "Precious Lara is my role model," "I will meet up with her for some tips. If I’m lucky enough to win, the first thing I’d do is board the next plane home so I can share the crown and celebrate with my kababayan," She was also asked if she would join showbiz like her predecessors, she replied: "I love to sing and dance but don’t know how to act. I prefer TV hosting."[11] In another interview that talked about her preparations for the pageant: "There are a lot of preparations. It's getting a little bit scary now, because it's closer, but we're doing a variety of things. We go to the gym to get more toned, more fit, and healthier. We also get health checkups, eating well to make sure I don't get sick, and recently we started to have personality development classes, language, history about the Philippines, and just interviewing skills, things like that," Nicole reveals. [...]

"The pageant is very near and fills me with both excitement and eagerness to jump in there and give my very best. I have prepped myself with months of training in all aspects—physical, mental and spiritual, and I really hope I can bring pride to our country," Nicole shares. "If ever I'm lucky enough to win (fingers crossed!), the first thing I'd like to do is board the next plane home so I can share the crown and celebrate with my country. Then of course, I'd carry out my reign as Miss International 2012 to the best of my abilities. For me, the future is open to all possibilities—showbiz definitely included!"[8] In addition through Philippine Star: "I’m just so thrilled about the opportunity to bring honor to our country. If I’m lucky enough to win, the first thing I’d want to do is celebrate my victory with my fellow Filipinos," said Nicole who believes that the modern Filipino is someone who confidently pushes for what she believes in. She also revealed her plans after she’s done with her beauty queen duties. "In the near future, I’d like to focus on Psychology here in the Philippines as it’s something that’s not really touched upon. My law degree would also come in handy for the legal aspects of it. Of course, the possibilities after the Miss International tilt are endless, and the future is open to just about everything, even show business."[12] Cosmopolitan Philippines had a chat with her before her departure for Japan:

Name one common misconception people have about beauty queens?

I think probably one of the most obvious ones is that we’re all beauty and no brains. But you know, if you really pay attention watching beauty pageants these days, you’ll really see that we’re all trying to achieve a lot, we’re all college students or graduates, and we all want to make a difference.
[...] You're a law student and a beauty queen. Is it easy or hard to reconcile the two?

I think you can always find a way to integrate all aspects of your life, and being a lawyer definitely helps me in the question and answer portion, and I think both are having advocacy, arguing for what’s right.
[...] How does being a law student influence your beauty queen persona?

I think both require a strong stance and a strong personality and a strong aura. So I guess being a law student has given me the confidence to be able to stand in front of a crowd and you know get my point across.
[...] What’s your number one advocacy?

I think I really love to focus on children; they’re really my passion. Even in the psychology side, that’s what I’d like to focus on. [I really want to] help their welfare, their health, their interests and inspire them to really reach their potential.
[...] What’s your everyday style?

I think I have a very feminine look. I like clothes that flatter my shape especially, I guess, highlighting my small waist. I also like to feel comfortable. Relaxed yet feminine.
[...] Flats versus stilettos? Dresses versus jeans?

Well, as a beauty queen, we should always wear stilettos. Generally, I enjoy wearing flats; [they're] more comfortable. I feel more relaxed day to day. [As for dresses versus jeans], there’s a time and place for both, but I like dresses; they’re more feminine and girly.
Who is your style icon?

Especially since I’m joining the 2012 Miss International Pageant, I would say that my style icon is Audrey Hepburn. She’s very timeless, classic, beautiful, feminine--all things that I want to embody as well.
Beauty queens are always viewed as eternally poised, perfectly polished ladies. Tell us a fun, un-beauty queen-like fact about you?

Well, I really like outdoor activities and extreme sports. I love the thrill of those types of things. I love rollercoasters. I love going camping. I hiked to the top of Mt. Pinatubo. I love adventure like water rafting, bungee jumping, things like that.
What’s the most fearless thing you’ve done so far in terms of sports?

I’ve done whitewater kayaking by myself in a small town in Boracay area, Antique. And they have really wild rapids. I’ve never done it before but I just went there, put on my helmet and went by myself and went kayaking. It was really fun.
Any advice for fun, fearless Cosmo girls?

Well I think as a young, independent Filipino woman of today, you can be anything you want to be. So just continue being fun and fearless. Try extreme sports like me; you can still be feminine, poised, and beautiful like a beauty queen. Don’t be discouraged. Just do it Put yourself out there and give it a shot.[13]

She also entered Top 13 in Binibining Pilipinas 2007. In the question-and-answer portion, she was asked by one of the judges Miss Universe 1994 Philippines' representative Charlene Gonzales: "What is your biggest fear and what have you done to overcome it?" Her response: "My greatest fear is actually having regret. In anyone's life, it doesn't benefit them if they're gonna regret something so what I do to combat that is that I just make sure that everything I do its because I want to do it. I don't do something with any doubts in my mind. I do it with sureness and I'm very confident in myself and in that way, that's how I combat that. Thank you."[14] Having joined the pageant for the second time, Nicole already knew what to expect, something that helped her stay focused during the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. Her experience is also a plus when she starts preparing for the Miss International pageant. "It showed me more what to expect in terms of the length of the pageant, the importance of getting proper rest and eating right. But I guess the biggest thing for me, is knowing that you really have to be focused from beginning to end, every step of the way. And if you give your heart to it the entire time, that’s the biggest difference. I did that this time, and luckily, I got one of the crowns," she says.[15]

She entered the top 15 on Miss International 2012 continuing the streak of the Philippines now for five years. She had her final speech as:

“Peace, love, unity, these 3 words are the Miss International pageant. Having spent the past 3 weeks in Okinawa, I have witnessed the special connection it has with the world. Globalization and multi cultural diversity can exist. We can be uniquely global and globally unique. This is my mission. I want people to appreciate that we not only belong to local communities but world at large. By this understanding we can contribute to global goals. I am standing here in front of you open to offer my heritage and myself, as a strong compassionate responsible and independent woman in this quest for global harmony. And I can stand here proudly and consider myself an international citizen.”[16]

She has been doing modelling internationally on the side for 7 years now. As a result, She has extensive experience in ramp and print. She described herself as a "pretty laid-back and easy-going, although she is not into nudity or sleazy pictures. Sophisticated sexy and edgy attitude is what she's into. She believes with this mixture gives me unique look, something that can be played upon and developed in pictures." Nicole is currently studying Law/Psychology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and is expected to graduate with honors.[17]




    • Best In Swimsuit
    • Best in National Costume
    • Best in Long Gown
    • Best in Swimsuit
    • Best in National Costume
    • Miss Photogenic
    • Best in Ramp
    • Best in Street wear
    • Best in Swimsuit
    • Best in Evening Gown
    • Best in National Costume
    • Best in Evening Gown

Ramp Experience[edit]

  • Jag Fashion Show - 2012
  • Philippine Airlines Fashion Show - 2012
  • Paddington Fashion Parade - Mackenzie
  • Fashion for a Cause - Mackenzie, Amy Lea Taylor
  • Various Ramp Shows including brands such as LEE, BENSON, [etc. - 2006-2008
  • CUMBIA COLUMBIAN Clothing - Manila 2007
  • BENCH FEVER Fashion Show - Manila Fashion Week 2006
  • NOKIA Fashion Showcase - 2006
  • RUDY PROJECT Eyewear Fashion Show - 2006
  • Sydney South-Western BRIDAL EXPO - 2005

Print Experience[edit]

  • Araneta Center - 2012
  • Desire Autumn Catelogue
  • Boat Charter Business Website Print Material - 2009
  • Face of G.O.D CLOTHING Australia - 2008
  • Face of SAWO SAUNAS Finland - 2007
  • DICKIES Catalogue Model Philippines - 2006
  • LEE Catalogue Model Philippines - 2006
  • Oz Racing Face of DUCATI Motorcycles Philippines - 2006

TV/Hosting/Presenting Experience[edit]

  • Channel 7 Morning Show - Bikini Model Summer Fashion
  • NRL Dragons TV Presenter 2009


  • BB. JIMENEZ Philippines - 2012
  • COVERGIRL MODEL COMPETITION Australia - 2007 - 2009
  • MISS MANDAUE Philippines - 2007

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