Northern Savonia

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North Savo

Pohjois-Savon maakunta
Norra Savolax landskap
Coat of arms of North Savo
Coat of arms
North Savo on a map of Finland
North Savo on a map of Finland
Historical provinceSavonia
 • Total20,366.70 km2 (7,863.63 sq mi)
 • Total249,000
 • Density12/km2 (32/sq mi)
Regional birdBlack-throated Diver, Gavia arctica
Regional fishVendace, Coregonus albula
Regional flowerRowan, Sorbus aucuparia

Northern Savonia (Finnish: Pohjois-Savo; Swedish: Norra Savolax) is a region in eastern Finland. Kuopio is the largest city in the region.

Historical provinces

For history, geography and culture see: Savonia


Northern Savonia includes 21 municipalities. Seven of them are cities.


Results of the Finnish parliamentary election, 2011 in Northern Savonia:

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Coordinates: 63°N 27°E / 63°N 27°E / 63; 27