Nyländska Jaktklubben

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Nyländska Jaktklubben
NJK emblem.png
Burgee of Nylandska jaktklubben.png
Burgee of Nylandska jaktklubben motorboats.svg
Burgee for motorboats
Flag of Nyland Yacht Club.png
Short name NJK
Founded 1861
Location Helsinki, Finland
Commodore Guido van Berkel
Website http://www.njk.fi

Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK), Nyland Yacht Club, is a yacht club in Helsinki, Nyland (Finland).


The club was founded on March 4, 1861 with the approval of its constitution by Tsar Alexander II. His brother, Admiral-General Grand Duke Konstantin, officiated at the inauguration ceremony. In the same year, NJK received its first yachting ensign, based on the flag of the Neva Yacht Club of St. Petersburg: white with a blue cross (similar to the flag of Finland), with the crest of the district of Nyland (Uusimaa) in the upper inner corner.[1] Today's flag, introduced in 1919, is the fourth version of the original. The official language of the club is Swedish.

Clubhouse at Valkosaari island

In 1885 NJK came to Valkosaari. That same year the club's first pavilion was built. The present pavilion, designed by architects Estlander and Settergren, was inaugurated on August 31, 1900.


Today NJK has two home harbours, Valkosaari and Koivusaari:

  • Valkosaari (Swedish: Blekholmen) is one of the official guest harbours of Helsinki, receiving around 400 visiting yachts every year. During the summer the club house accommodates a public restaurant, which is a member of the Finnish Royal Restaurants (Royal Ravintolat). Blekholmen offers its guests toilets (24/7, showers, sauna and laundry-room. Water, electricity and septi-tanc emptying are also available.
  • Koivusaari (Swedish: Björkholmen) is the NJK sailing centre. Situated on the western part of Lauttasaari island. with berths for 200 boats. Björkholmen is one of the busiest sailing centres in the capital region. The clubhouse, with the club office, is open all year round. It has a small café open for club members and kitchen and dining area for bigger occasions and events.

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