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The following is a list of symbols associated with the occult. This list shares a number of entries with the list of alchemical symbols.


Name Image Origins Notes
Ankh Ankh.png Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptian symbol for eternal life; now also associated with Kemetism and neo-paganism.
Arrow (Belomancy) 19th century knowledge archery arrow feathers.jpg Ancient divination. ----
Black Sun Black Sun 2.svg Renaissance Germany; later, neo-Nazi occultism. ----
Circled dot Sun symbol.svg Ancient symbol representing the Sun and various sun gods. See also: evil eye and alchemical symbol., Dave Talbott says the symbol is Mars,Venus,and Saturn. Saturn was called the sun in ancient times. Mars was thought to be between the sun and Earth.
Chaos (Symbol of Chaos) Chaos star.svg Michael Moorcock, Aleister Crowley and chaos magic. ----
Evil eye Antiochia - House of the Evil Eye.jpg Hellenic talisman. ----
Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) Cao Dai white.png Ancient Egypt, Freemasonry & Cao Dai. See tetragrammaton and yhwh.
Hexagram Star polygon 6-2.svg Mandala and Judaism. ----
Magic circle Circletriangle.gif European witchcraft. ----
Monas Hieroglyphica DeeHieroglyph.gif the works of John Dee A symbol invented by John Dee, alchemist and astrologer at the court of Elizabeth I of England
Nazar Evil Eye.svg Middle Eastern talisman to ward off the evil eye. ----
Pentacle Inverted Pentagram circumscribed.svg European witchcraft. Example of inverted pentacle. See also: Pentagram.
Rosy Cross Rosycross-Tetragrammaton.svg Rosicrucianism / Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. ----
Seal of Solomon Seal of Solomon (Simple Version).svg Alchemy, Christian and Islamic esotericism ----
Sriramachakra SeethaChakramMagicSquare.jpg Tamil mysticism. ----
Sigil Sigil.svg Renaissance magic. Image provided depicts a modern personal sigil.
Sigillum Dei (Seal of God) Sloane3188-john dee.png Europe, late Middle Ages. ----
Sulphur Alchemy Sulfur Symbol used by Satanists.gif Alchemy; Satanism. The alchemical symbol for sulphur, associated with the fire and brimstone of Hell. Can also be known as a 'Leviathan Cross'.
Sun cross Crossed circle.svg Iron age religions and later gnosticism and neo-paganism. ----
Unicursal hexagram (Thelema) Crowley unicursal hexagram.svg Aleister Crowley's Thelema. ----
Valknut Valknut-Symbol-triquetra.svg Norse mythology. ----
Kolovrat Kolovrat (Коловрат) Swastika (Свастика) - Rodnovery.jpg Slavic neo-paganism Popularized in 1990s.
Ouroboros Ouroboros.png Ancient Egypt ----

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