Olive Jinja

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Olive Jinja
Dedicated to Peace and Happiness
Founded 1973
Address Yasuda, Shōdoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
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Olive Jinja (峰俐富神社 or オリーブ神社) is a Greek-style Shinto shrine on the island of Shōdoshima in the Inland Sea, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Constructed in 1973 and standing amidst a grove of olives - a thriving industry on the island - the shrine takes the form of a replica Greek temple, with stylobate, Doric columns, entablature with triglyphs, and bronze pedimental reliefs. There is an annual festival with Greek themes.[1][2][3] The shrine is located within Setonaikai National Park.[4]

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Coordinates: 34°30′35″N 134°19′33″E / 34.50972°N 134.32583°E / 34.50972; 134.32583