Olivia Newton Bundy

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Brian Tutunick
Also known as Olivia Newton Bundy
Born (1968-03-31) March 31, 1968 (age 50)
Genres Alternative metal
Occupation(s) Bassist
Instruments Bass guitar
Years active 1989–2000
Associated acts Marilyn Manson
Collapsing Lungs L.U.N.G.S. Nation of Fear

Brian Tutunick (born March 31, 1968) is an American musician, more famously known as Olivia Newton Bundy, and was the bassist and co-founder of the rock group Marilyn Manson until 1990, when he was replaced by Gidget Gein. His stage name was created by mixing the names of Olivia Newton-John, singer; and Ted Bundy, serial killer.[1]

In 1993 Brian's new band Collapsing Lungs (also known as L.U.N.G.S.) was signed to Atlantic Records.

In 1996 Brian along with notable DJ Grynch created a new band, Nation of Fear. They released the song "Immortal" on a compilation CD for the (now defunct) rock station 94.9 WZTA. Later that year Nation of Fear would release their well-received self-titled album on DiMar Records. They would go on tour with Genitorturers and were even joined on tour by Lords of Acid. Nation of Fear (like their tour-mates) were known for stage antics including S&M, powertools, and pyrotechnics.

In 1998 the band's second release Everything Beautiful Rusts, while receiving much more attention, failed to keep the band together and by 2000 they had broken up.

Brian can now be seen on a weekly music show Feedback featured on the PAX TV channel.


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