Operation Dezful

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Operation Dezful
Part of Iran–Iraq War
Dezful is located in Iran
Location of the city of Dezful, Iran
DateOctober 15, 1980
Dezful, southwest Iran


  • Iranian counter-attack succeeds in halting elements of the Iraqi advance causing the Iraqis to reconsider their plan
  • Iraqis scout the surroundings but refrain from entering and occupying the weakly defended city
  • Iraqis choose to remain entrenched in more easily defensible positions on the west bank of Karkheh river from where they maintain the siege of Dezful
 Iraq  Iran
Commanders and leaders
 Iraq Iran
Casualties and losses
KIA 400
60 tanks

The Operation Dezful was fought in early stage of the Iran–Iraq War on October 15, 1980 as Iranian tank brigades from the 16th Qazvin, 77th Khorasan, and 92nd Khuzestan armoured divisions attacked Iraqi positions. The Iranian Army's aim was to stop Iraqis progress in Iranian territories and to push them back, or stall their progress. However, Iraqi forces counterattacked from the flanks, and repulsed the Iranian forces. The Iranian retreat was blamed on poor decision making, the purge of army commanders due to their participation in Nojeh coup plot, and underestimating fire power of Iraqi forces and they were forced to retreat to the eastern shores of Karkheh River in west of Dezful.[1]


Coordinates: 32°23′00″N 48°28′00″E / 32.3833°N 48.4667°E / 32.3833; 48.4667