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Logo PSS Ring Merah.png
Full name Persatuan Sepak bola Sleman
Nickname(s) Super Elang Jawa
(en: Super Java Eagle)
Founded 20 May 1976
Ground Maguwoharjo Stadium
Ground Capacity 40,000
Manager Arif Juli Wibowo
Coach Fredy Mulli
League Liga 2
2014 Football Club

PSS, an abbreviation for Persatuan Sepak Bola Sleman is a football club based in Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The tautology PSS Sleman is often used in local media. PSS Sleman is the youngest team among three elite teams (PSIM Yogyakarta and Persiba Bantul) in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.


PSS Sleman needed 24 years before they could play in the top division of Indonesian football. In 2000, PSS Sleman finally fulfilled its dream to join the Indonesian elite teams in Divisi Utama (it was the top division before the restructure of the Indonesian Super League). During 2000-2006, PSS Sleman managed to secure their existence in the top division. Fourth position in 2003 and 2004 season and semifinalists of Indonesian Cup 2005 were the best achievements they gained during that period. In 2006, the biggest earthquake in modern era strucked Special Region of Yogyakarta. More than 5000 people died and thousands people lost their house and properties. For this condition, PSS Sleman and two other teams from Special Region of Yogyakarta (PSIM Yogyakarta and Persiba Bantul) agreed to withdraw from the national competition. For this force major condition, PSSI (Football Association of Indonesia) decided to give dispensation for those three teams. PSSI nullified the relegation and those three teams finished 2006 season in last place.

The year of 2007 became one of the milestones of PSS Sleman history. In that year, PSS Sleman started to use their new stadium, Maguwoharjo Stadium as their home base. This stadium was built as the response of Sleman government to support PSS Sleman as the representative of their city in national league. As an addition, in 2002 till 2003, PSS Sleman rented Mandala Krida Stadium as their home base in Yogyakarta. They left Tridadi Stadium in Sleman for the more representative and bigger in capacity stadium.

After two years rented Mandala Krida Stadium, Sleman government then took the decision to build their own stadium as new asset and investment in Maguwoharjo. Though in 2007 it had not finished yet, PSS Sleman started to use Maguwoharjo Stadium as their new home base. PSS Sleman played their first match in Maguwoharjo Stadium in 2007 season versus Pelita Jaya. PSS won 2-1 with goals from Ferry Setiawan and Slamet Nurcahyo. Unfortunately, PSS Sleman failed to follow up on this good result. In the end of the season 2007 which initiated the professionalisation of the Indonesian Super League, PSS Sleman failed to secure access to Liga Super Indonesia (LSI) as the top division. In 2008-2012, PSS Sleman played in Divisi Utama (DU). In that period, PSS Sleman failed to gain promotion. Last season (2011-2012), PSS Sleman finished in 7th position in the table.


Today, PSS Sleman is supported by two fans club, Slemania[1] and Brigata Curva Sud 1976.[2] Each of those two fans bases has approximately 8000 members to support this team.


As of 31 May 2014.

First team squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
3 Indonesia DF M. Bagus Nirwanto
6 Indonesia DF Wahyu Sukarta
7 Indonesia FW Chandra Waskito
10 Indonesia FW Rudiyana
11 Indonesia MF Imam Bagus Kurnia
13 Indonesia DF Jodi Kustiawan
14 Indonesia FW Riski Novriansyah
15 Indonesia MF Mahadirga Lasut
17 Indonesia MF Busari
20 Indonesia FW Tony Yuliandri
21 Indonesia GK Try Hamdani Goentara
9 Guinea-Bissau FW Zé Turbo
44 Gabon DF Aaron Appindangoyé
No. Position Player
40 Japan MF Yushi Nagashima
22 Indonesia MF Chandra Lukmana
23 Indonesia DF Waluyo
24 Indonesia MF Hamdan Zamzani
95 Portugal GK Tiago Pereira
8 Russia FW Maksim Zhestkov
27 Indonesia GK Gratheo Hadi
32 Indonesia DF Rama Yoga
77 Indonesia MF Tedi Berlian
87 Indonesia MF M. Ilhamul Irhaz
88 Indonesia MF Angga Setiawan
94 Indonesia DF Revi Agung Wibawa
97 Indonesia DF Arie Sandy

Club officials[edit]

Board of commissioners and directors[edit]

Position Name
Prime Commissioner Indonesia Bambang Sukmonohadi
Commissioner Indonesia Mujiman
Commissioner Indonesia H. Giyanto
Commissioner Indonesia H. Sudibyo
Commissioner Indonesia H. Suparjiono
Chairman Indonesia Soekeno
Technical Director Indonesia Yoni Arseto
Marketing Director Indonesia Soekeno
Finance Director Indonesia Djaka Waluya, S.E
General Director Indonesia Indriyanto Eko Saputro

Team management[edit]

Position Name
General Manager Indonesia Sukoco
Team Manager Indonesia Haru Setiawan
Technical Manager Indonesia dr. Arief Juliwibowo
Operational Manager Indonesia Wahyudi Kurniawan
Head coach Indonesia Fredy Mulli
Assistant coach Indonesia Seto Nurdiantoro
Goalkeeping coach Indonesia Rajab Akhluk Thalib
Fitness coach Indonesia Drs. Herwin Sjahruddin
Under-21 manager vacant
Under-21 head coach vacant
Under-18 manager vacant
Under-18 head coach vacant
Team doctor Indonesia dr. Arya Pradana Budiarto
Masseur Indonesia Eko Rivaldi
Kit man Indonesia Surya Kuda





  • Winners (1): 2013
  • Runners up: -
  • Winners: -
  • Runners up (1): 2000
  • Winners: -
  • Runners up (1): 2016


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Period Name
1976-1994 unknown
1995-1996 Indonesia Suwarno
1997-1998 vacant
1999-2000 Indonesia Drs. Bambang Nurdjoko, Drs. Herwin Sjahruddin
2001-2002 Indonesia Suharno
2003 Indonesia Yudi Suryata
2004-2005 Indonesia Daniel Roekito
2005 Indonesia Mundari Karya
2005-2006 Indonesia Herry Kiswanto
2007 Argentina Horacio Alberto Montes
2007 Indonesia Rudy William Keltjes
2008 Indonesia Iwan Setiawan
2008 Indonesia Yudi Suryata
2008–2009 Indonesia Maman Durachman
2009-2010 Indonesia Yance Efraim Matmey
2010 Indonesia Singh Bettay
2010 Indonesia Inyong Lolombulan
2010-2011 Indonesia M. Basri
2011-2012 Indonesia Widyantoro
2013 Indonesia Hanafi
2013 Indonesia Yusak Sutanto
2013 Indonesia Lafran Pribadi
2014 Indonesia Sartono Anwar
2014 Indonesia Herry Kiswanto
2015 Indonesia Jaya Hartono
2015 (Piala kemerdekaan) Indonesia Didik Listyantara}