Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord

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Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord
Title card
Escobar: El Patrón del Mal
Historical series
Created byJuana Uribe
Camilo Cano
Gabriel Klement
Written byJuan Camilo Ferrand (loosely based on the novel La parábola de Pablo by Alonso Salazar)[1]
Directed byCarlos Moreno
Laura Mora[1]
StarringAndrés Parra
Angie Cepeda
Cecilia Navia
Vicky Hernández
Christian Tappan
Rodrigo Silva
Tommy Vásquez
Toto Vega
Nicolás Montero
Marcela Gallego
Ernesto Benjumea
Diana Hoyos
Susana Torres
César Mora
Germán Quintero
Helena Mallarino
Juan Carlos Arango
Alejandro Martínez
Julio Pachón
Anderson Ballesteros
Country of originColombia
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes113 [2] (Caracol)
74 (international)[3]
ProducersJuana Uribe
Camilo Cano
Gabriel Klement
Production locationColombia
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time25 minutes
43 minutes (international)
Production companyCaracol TV
Original release
NetworkCaracol TV
ReleaseMay 28 (2012-05-28) –
November 19, 2012 (2012-11-19)

Escobar: El Patrón del Mal (international title: Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord; also known as Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal) is a 2012 Colombian telenovela produced and broadcast on Caracol TV, based on a true story about the life of Pablo Escobar – the notorious druglord. It is available only in Spanish. There is a version available with English dubbed, as well as a version dubbed in Hindi on the ZEE5 app. It also aired in Arabic dub on Lana TV. It is also available in version dubbed in Turkish on Netflix.


From May 28 to November 1, 2012, Caracol TV aired Escobar: El Patrón del Mal weeknights at 9:30pm.[4][5] From July 9 to July 27, 2012, Telemundo aired one-hour episodes of Pablo Escobar weeknights at 10pm/9c, replacing Decisiones Extremas.[6][7] From July 30, 2012 to January 24, 2013, Telemundo aired half-hour episodes of Pablo Escobar and El Rostro de la Venganza weeknights, both sharing the 10pm time slot.[8][9] From January 25 onwards, one-hour episodes of El Rostro de la Venganza were broadcast.[10]


The series begins and ends with his dramatic last moments before being shot to death by agents of the Colombian National Police, while escaping from a relative's home, and later flashing back to his childhood in Valle de Aburra, Colombia, where Pablo is teased by his cousin, Gonzalo, and older brother, Peluche, on a footbridge crossing a creek, eventually rescued by his mother, who scolds Pablo for crying. His mother's influence on Escobar's life choices is portrayed in the first episode and throughout the series, starting with her admonishment that if he is going to do something bad, he had better do it really well, after he is frustrated while trying to cheat on a test and starting a class rebellion to avoid the consequences. As he and Gonzalo became older, they began their lives of organised crime, becoming bodyguards to a well known smuggler and eventually his partners, after successfully standing off with police in what would become Escobar's trademark "Plata o Plomo" approach to dealing with law enforcement -- "accept our bribe or prepare for a shootout with us." After robbing a bank and being turned in by one of their neighbors, Pablo and his cousin start their careers as murderers by killing him. Thereafter, the series follows Pablo's adventures and misadventures in organized crime and eventually cocaine smuggling, building an empire of wealthy criminals who contest power, often violently, with the Colombian state, eventually leading to murders of prominent politicians, policemen, business associates, friends, lovers, and eventually common citizens. The plot focuses on Escobar's contradictory drives to be a good husband; a decent, upstanding, Colombian citizen; a politician; a supporter of the poor; and a wealthy, powerful "bandido" (an endearing term for criminal, like "rascal"), all while seeking ever more political power, wealth, and sexual exploits.


For the broadcast of the series, Caracol decided to change the real names of the characters and their aliases, although some resemblance was maintained between the physique of the characters and their aliases with the real people they played. The following tables show the names of the characters and actors, as well as the names of the real-life people they represent in the series.

Pablo Escobar and his Family[edit]

Actor Role Real character
Andrés Parra Pablo Escobar Pablo Escobar
Mauricio Mejía Pablo Escobar (Young)
Hernán Mauricio Ocampo Pablo Escobar (Child)
Cecilia Navia Patricia Urrea de Escobar María Victoria Henao Vallejo de Escobar
Eileen Moreno Patricia Urrea (Young)
Christian Tappan Gonzalo Gaviria Rivero Gustavo Gaviria Rivero
Juan Sebastián Calero Gonzalo Gaviria (Young)
Samuel Muñoz Gonzalo Gaviria (Child)
Vicky Hernández Enelia Gaviria de Escobar Hermilda Gaviria de Escobar
Linda Lucía Callejas Enelia Gaviria (Young)
Hernán Méndez Fidel Escobar Abel Escobar
Rodolfo Silva Alberto Escobar Gaviria "El Peluche" Roberto Escobar Gaviria
Tommy Vásquez Fabio Urrea Mario Henao Vallejo [es]
Jorge Armando Soto Fabio Urrea (Young)
Sara Pinzón Daniela Escobar Urrea Manuela Escobar Henao
John Mirque Emilio Escobar Urrea Juan Pablo Escobar
Claudia Rocío Mora Hurtado Maria Jose Escobar Alba Marina Escobar
Francisco Bolívar Primo Luis Escobar Luis Fernando Escobar

Important members of the Medellín Cartel[edit]

Actor Role Real Character
Juan Carlos Arango Gustavo Ramírez Gacha «El Mariachi» Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha
Alejandro Martínez Marcos Herber Carlos Lehder
Aldemar Correa Julio Motoa Fabio Ochoa Vásquez
Alejandro Gutiérrez Germán Motoa Juan David Ochoa Vásquez
Joavany Álvarez Pedro Motoa Jorge Luis Ochoa Vásquez
Andrea Gómez Irma Nieves Motoa Martha Nieves Ochoa
Andrés Felipe Martínez Falcao Lopera Diego Londoño White
Brian Moreno Federico Ramírez Freddy Rodríguez Celades
Carlos Benjumea Julio Motoa Restrepo Fabio Ochoa Restrepo
Carlos Hurtado Crisanto Pérez Evaristo Porras
Héctor García Guido Patarroyo Guido Parra Montoya
Luces Velásquez Graciela Rojas Griselda Blanco
César Mora Alfredo Gutiérrez «El Alguacil» Alfredo Gómez López «Don Capone»
Rafael Lahera Jorge Velasco «El Náufrago» Jorge Velásquez «El navegante»
Sebastián Sánchez Harry Beal «El Piloto» Barry Seal

Group of hitmen[edit]

Actor Role Real Character
Andrés Felipe Torres Dagoberto Ruíz «El Topo» Mario Alberto Castaño Molina «El Chopo»
Anderson Ballesteros John Mario Ortiz «Chili» John Jairo Arias «Pinina»
Carlos Mariño Yeison Taborda «Marino» John Jairo Velásquez «Popeye»
Jorge Monterrosa Félix "El Suizo" Alberto Prieto "El Suizo"
Julio Cesar Acevedo Carlos Luis Arguelles «El Costra» Juan Carlos Aguilar Gallego «El Mugre»
John Alex Castillo Caín Muñoz Mosquera «Caín» Brances Alexander Muñoz «Tyson»
Andrés Soleibe John Rivero Acosta «El Buitre» Johnny Rivera Acosta «El Palomo»/Sergio Alfonso Ramírez «El Pájaro»
Emerson Yáñez Jorge Elí Pabón «El Negro»
Julián Caicedo Alias «El Candonga» Carlos Mario Alzate «El Arete»
Manuel Viveros Daniel Muñoz Mosquera «El Quico» Dandenys Muñoz Mosquera «La Quica»
Marcela Vargas Mireya Ortíz

Cali Cartel and Self-Defense Forces (PEPES)[edit]

Actor Role Real Character
Andrés Echavarría Valencia Hugo Hernán Valencia
Andrés Restrepo Hernando Arellano Fernando Galeano
Beto Arango Libardo Aldana Morón «Don Libardo» Diego Fernando Murillo «Don Berna»
Daniel Rocha Gerardo Carrera Buitrago Hélmer Herrera Buitrago
David Noreña Lucio Moreno Carlos Castaño Gil
Fernando Arango Mauricio Restrepo Teodoro Mauricio Fino Restrepo «El Gaviota»
Harold De Vasten Gildardo González Orjuela Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela
Hermes Camelo José Santacruz Londoño José Santacruz Londoño
Luis Ariel Martínez Enrique Ramada Gerardo Moncada
Ricardo Vesga Evencio Díaz Rocha Jaime Rueda Rocha
Ricardo Vélez Manuel González Orjuela Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela
Weimar Delgado Miguel Moreno Fidel Castaño

Members of the public force, judges and family members[edit]

Actor Role Real Character
Carmenza Cossio Jueza Magdalena Espinosa Jueza Mariela Espinosa Arango
Gastón Velandia Mayor Gregorio Aristides Coronel Gregorio Sepúlveda
Julio Pachón Coronel Jairo Jiménez Gómez Coronel Jaime Ramírez Gómez
Carlos Kajú Gonzalo Jiménez (hijo del coronel) Javier Ramírez
Iván López Subteniente Martín Pabón Bolívar Mayor Hugo Martínez Bolívar Jr.
Iván Rodríguez Coronel Hernando Navas Rivas Coronel Hernando Navas Rubio
Jimmy Vásquez Coronel Martín Pabón General Hugo Martínez Poveda
Andrea Martinez Teniente Carolina Ruiz Teniente Carolina Ramírez
Jorge Herrera Gonzalo Zuluaga Serna Gustavo Zuluaga Serna
Juan Pablo Franco General Muriel Peraza General Miguel Maza Márquez
Julio Correal Tomás Pereira Jacobo Torregrosa
Leonardo Acosta General Manuel Ulloa General Miguel Gómez Padilla
Luis Fernando Montoya Coronel Ramiro Becerra Coronel Danilo González
Luis Fernando Múnera Coronel Pedregal Coronel Flavio Acosta
Mario Ruiz Mayor Hugo Aguirre Coronel Hugo Aguilar
Margarita Durán Leonor Cruz de Quintana Leonor Cruz de Franklín
Mauricio Figueroa Coronel Oswaldo Quintana Quintero Coronel Valdemar Franklin Quintero
Juan David Restrepo Oswaldo Quintana Cruz Carlos Franklin Cruz
Saín Castro Coronel Oscar Fernández Carmona General Oscar Peláez Carmona
Yesenia Valencia Natalia de Jiménez Helena de Ramírez[11]

Government and press members[edit]

Actor Role Real Character
Angie Cepeda Regina Parejo Virginia Vallejo
Andrés Aramburo Mariano Santana Juan Manuel Santos
Andrés Ogilvie Andrés Pastrana
Armando Gutiérrez Yamid Amat
Carlos Manuel Vesga Carlos Mauro Hoyos
Ernesto Benjumea Rodrigo Lara Bonilla
Fabián Mendoza César Gaviria Trujillo
Marilyn Patiño Paula Jaramillo
Diana Hoyos Nancy Restrepo de Lara
Felix Antequera Ernesto Chacón Enrique Parejo González
Santiago Soto Fernando Cano Busquets
Germán Quintero Guillermo Cano Isaza
Guillermo Villa Alfonso Reyes Echandía
Fabio Restrepo Javier Ortiz Jairo Ortega Ramírez
Gustavo Angarita Jr Alberto Villamizar Cárdenas
Gustavo Ángel Fernán Santana Francisco Santos Calderón
Helena Mallarino Ana María Busquets de Cano
Jacqueline Arenal Maruja Pachón de Villamizar
Jacques Toukhmanian Ismael Giraldo Rafael Pardo
Jaime Barbini Silvio De La Cruz Belisario Betancur
Jaime Santos Alfonso López Michelsen
Jorge Emilio Zuñiga Ramiro Vargas Virgilio Barco
Juan Ángel «El Nene»
Judy Henríquez Carmiña Bedoya Marina Montoya
Liesel Potdevin Diana Turbay
Liliana González de la Torre Azucena Liévano
Luis Fernando Orozco Daniel Bedoya Germán Montoya
Nicolás Montero Luis Carlos Galán
Marcela Gallego Gloria Pachón de Galán
Marcela Valencia Beatriz Villamizar de Guerrero
María Angélica Mallarino Nydia Quintero
Pedro Mogollón Hernán Santana Castillo Hernando Santos Castillo
Pedro Roda Juan Guillermo Cano
Susana Torres Niki Polanía Durán María Jimena Duzán
Toto Vega Alonso Santorini Alberto Santofimio
Víctor Hugo Morant Julio César Turbay
Víctor Hugo Ruiz Fernando Uribe Restrepo

Left leaders and other characters[edit]

Actor Role Real Character
Diana Neira Yesenia Saldarriaga Wendy Chavarriaga Gil
Fabio Rubiano Marco Navia Wolff Antonio Navarro Wolff
Fernando Corredor Padre Rafael Gómez Herrera Padre Rafael García Herreros
Orlando Valenzuela Bernardo Jaramillo Ossa
Nacho Hijuelos Fayad Dager Jazbún Alberto Jubiz Jazbún
Rosmery Cárdenas Mariela Barragán de Jaramillo
Tiberio Cruz Diego Pizano Leongómez Carlos Pizarro Leongómez
Tatiana Rentería Nina Pizano Leongómez Nina Pizarro Leongómez
Alejandra Chamorro María Luna Lina María García
Hernán Cabiativa Fabrizzio Romero Iván Marino Ospina

Colombia broadcast[edit]

  • Release dates and episode names, based on Colombia's Caracol TV broadcast.
Air Date Rating Episode Title Episode
May 28, 2012 26.9 "Enelia le da sus primeros consejos a Pablo"1 01
May 29, 2012 26.7 "Pablo comienza a jugar con candela"2 02
May 30, 2012 23.0 "Pablo Escobar huye de la cárcel" 03
May 31, 2012 23.5 "Pablo se entrega a las autoridades" 04
June 1, 2012 21.4 "Pablo y Gonzalo inauguran la hacienda 'Nápoles 05
June 4, 2012 24.1 "Una nueva fuerza armada nace" 06
June 5, 2012 21.5 "Pablo Escobar tiene su primer encuentro con la política" 07
June 6, 2012 22.3 "Pablo Escobar quiere ser miembro del Congreso de la república" 08
June 7, 2012 23.4 "Paty por poco descubre las andanzas de Pablo" 09
June 8, 2012 18.6 "A Escobar se le facilita su incursión en la política" 10
June 12, 2012 21.6 "Regina Parejo aparece en la vida de Pablo Escobar" 11
June 13, 2012 19.0 "Escobar es elegido como 'honorable' representante a la Cámara" 12
June 14, 2012 19.3 "Escobar busca ser el 'Robin Hood criollo 13
June 15, 2012 15.8 "Un duro debate pone en jaque a Rodrigo Lara" 14
June 19, 2012 16.9 "Galán le pide una explicación a Lara" 15
June 20, 2012 15.5 "El Ministro sorprende al país con sus declaraciones" 16
June 21, 2012 17.3 "La Policía desmantela Tranquilandia" 17
June 22, 2012 15.5 "Pablo Escobar emprende su venganza" 18
June 25, 2012 16.8 "Atentado acaba con la vida de Rodrigo Lara" 19
June 26, 2012 17.7 "El magnicidio de Lara causa conmoción en el país" 20
June 27, 2012 16.1 "Tras las huellas de los criminales" 21
June 28, 2012 15.7 "Pablo y Gonzalo llegan a Panamá" 22
June 29, 2012 12.6 "Escobar no se sale con la suya" 23
July 3, 2012 15.9 "En busca de 'protección' y aliados" 24
July 4, 2012 13.8 "A Escobar sus propios hombres lo empiezan a traicionar" 25
July 5, 2012 14.9 "Prueba reina definiría la extradición" 26
July 6, 2012 13.5 "El MR-2O ejecuta la Toma del Palacio de Justicia" 27
July 9, 2012 15.1 "Ola de terror en contra de jueces" 28
July 10, 2012 15.2 "La Policía, tras las huellas de Herber" 29
July 11, 2012 16.1 "Asesinan al Magistrado Zuluaga" 30
July 12, 2012 17.8 "Jiménez se protege ante las amenazas" 31
July 13, 2012 13.4 "Declaran inexequible la extradición" 32
July 16, 2012 14.5 Los extraditables' buscan la manera de ser juzgados en Colombia" 32
July 17, 2012 15.8 "En busca de la prueba reina" 34
July 18, 2012 15.3 "Atentan contra el corresponsal de El Espectador" 35
July 19, 2012 13.6 "El Coronel Jiménez corre peligro" 36
July 23, 2012 14.2 "Muere vilmente el Coronel Jiménez" 37
July 24, 2012 15.6 "El país, horrorizado con la muerte del Coronel Jiménez" 38
July 25, 2012 14.0 "La Policía inspecciona la Hacienda Nápoles" 39
July 26, 2012 14.1 "La vida de Cano está en peligro" 40
July 27, 2012 13.8 "Guillermo Cano es asesinado" 41
July 30, 2012 14.9 "El país llora la muerte de Cano" 42
July 31, 2012 13.6 "La prensa rechaza el asesinato de Cano" 43
August 1, 2012 13.7 "La maldad de Escobar traspasa fronteras" 44
August 2, 2012 13.8 "Escobar quiere asesinar a Herber" 45
August 3, 2012 11.5 "A Escobar le conviene tener vivo a Herber" 46
August 6, 2012 11.8 "Marcos Herber es capturado por la Policía" 47
August 8, 2012 13.2 "Escobar burla a las autoridades" 48
August 9, 2012 13.0 "Escobar 'vende' a sus propios hombres" 49
August 10, 2012 11.8 "Mauricio, muy cerca de descubrir la traición de Pablo" 50
August 13, 2012 14.1 "Escobar le entrega un 'falso positivo' a Pedregal" 51
August 14, 2012 13.5 "Escobar anuncia una nueva guerra" 52
August 15, 2012 13.4 "Explotan petardos en Drogas El Rebajón" 53
August 16, 2012 12.5 "Pedro Motoa es detenido" 54
August 17, 2012 12.6 "El Cartel de Cali prepara un atentado contra Escobar" 55
August 21, 2012 13.1 "El 'Marino' asesina a Yesenia" 56
August 22, 2012 13.5 "Motoa es dejado en libertad" 57
August 23, 2012 13.2 "Atentan contra Pablo Escobar y su familia" 58
August 24, 2012 13.7 "Escobar no deja que su cabeza tenga precio" 59
August 27, 2012 13.8 "Secuestran a Andrés Pastrana" 60
August 28, 2012 13.9 "Escobar le da la cara a Pastrana" 61
August 29, 2012 12.3 "La guerra se recrudece entre el Estado y los narcos" 62
August 30, 2012 13.8 "Anuncian el asesinato del Procurador General de la Nación" 63
August 31, 2012 12.4 "La furia y los celos, los peores enemigos de Escobar" 64
September 3, 2012 14.1 "Pablo Escobar desata toda su ira" 65
September 4, 2012 13.4 "El 'Mariachi' prepara un plan siniestro" 66
September 5, 2012 12.9 "Nuevas víctimas del terror de Pablo Escobar" 67
September 6, 2012 13.2 "El Coronel Quintana no tiene salida" 68
September 7, 2012 11.6 "El Coronel Quintana es asesinado" 69
September 10, 2012 13.7 "Pese a las advertencias, Galán decide ir a Soacha" 70
September 12, 2012 13.0 "El crimen que hizo reaccionar al país" 71
September 13, 2012 12.6 "El país se conmociona con la pérdida de este valiente" 72
September 14, 2012 12.1 "El Gobierno se compromete a dar con los asesinos" 73
September 17, 2012 12.7 "Ana María Cano busca la seguridad de El Espectador" 74
September 18, 2012 13.5 "Atentan contra El Espectador" 75
September 19, 2012 12.3 "El Espectador sigue adelante" 76
September 20, 2012 14.3 "Cae el primer miembro de la familia de Escobar" 77
September 21, 2012 12.4 "Escobar ordena dos grandes atentados" 78
September 24, 2012 14.1 "Peraza recibe un sobre bomba" 79
September 25, 2012 12.6 "Un cruel y atroz atentado conmociona a Colombia" 80
September 26, 2012 13.4 "Atentan contra el edificio del DAI" 81
September 27, 2012 12.6 "El 'narcoterrorismo' no triunfará" 82
September 28, 2012 10.9 "El grupo élite, tras las huellas del 'Mariachi 83
October 1, 2012 14.9 "El Grupo élite y el 'Mariachi' se enfrentan" 84
October 2, 2012 15.9 "Las autoridades dan de baja al 'Mariachi 85
October 3, 2012 13.2 "Escobar envía un mensaje al Gobierno" 86
October 4, 2012 13.6 Los extraditables' aceptan el llamado de paz" 87
October 5, 2012 12.0 "Cancelan las negociaciones de paz" 88
October 8, 2012 13.9 "Escobar le pone precio a los policías" 89
October 9, 2012 13.4 "Cae otro candidato presidencial" 90
October 10, 2012 15.4 "Escobar emprende la guerra contra Pabón" 91
October 11, 2012 13.9 "Escobar revela las intenciones de las Autodefensas" 92
October 17, 2012 14.6 "Atentan contra Pizano" 93
October 18, 2012 14.7 "Pabón recibe una 'jugosa' propuesta" 94
October 19, 2012 14.2 "Cae el 'Chili', la mano derecha de Escobar" 95
October 22, 2012 15.7 "Las autoridades, cada vez más cerca de Escobar" 96
October 23, 2012 13.8 "Escobar se enferma de paludismo" 97
October 24, 2012 12.7 "Gonzalo Gaviria cae en enfrentamiento con el Grupo élite" 98
October 25, 2012 14.5 "Diana Turbay cae en las garras de Pablo Escobar" 99
October 26, 2012 12.2 "Turbay es secuestrada por orden de Escobar" 100
October 29, 2012 13.5 "Maruja y Berenice, víctimas del 'patrón del mal'" 101
October 30, 2012 13.7 "Los Motoa están pensando en entregarse" 102
October 31, 2012 12.2 "Diana Turbay muere en su rescate" 103
November 1, 2012 11.9 "Un sacerdote será intermediario para la paz" 104
November 2, 2012 11.5 "Escobar planea entregarse" 105
November 6, 2012 12.0 "Escobar se entrega a las autoridades" 106
November 7, 2012 13.3 "El Cartel de Cali quiere 'negociar' con Escobar" 107
November 8, 2012 12.6 "Escobar sigue delinquiendo desde La Catedral" 108
November 9, 2012 11.8 "El Gobierno autoriza la creación de un Bloque de Búsqueda" 109
November 13, 2012 12.1 "Muere 'Caín', otro hombre de Pablo Escobar" 110
November 15, 2012 12.6 "Caen poco a poco los hombres de Pablo Escobar" 111
November 16, 2012 12.8 "'Los pepes' atentan contra la familia Escobar" 112
November 19, 2012 17.0 "La muerte de Pablo Escobar" 113


The series was created by Camilo Cano and Juana Uribe, vice president of Caracol TV and the series' producer. Cano's father, Guillermo Cano, who was publisher of newspaper El Espectador, was murdered by Escobar in December 1986. Uribe's mother, Maruja Pachón, was kidnapped on Escobar's orders, and her uncle, presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán, was killed on Escobar's orders in August 1989.[12]

According to Caracol TV, the series features 1,300 actors and more than 450 locations; each episode cost COP 300 million (131,000, £105,000 or US$164,000).[12]


After heavy promotion on Caracol TV and in El Espectador, Escobar premiered with high ratings.[13] However, some people have criticized the show,[14] wondering if the audience will eventually identify with the drug lord instead of the people who fought him.[15] A researcher, prior to the release of the show, opined to Medellín newspaper El Colombiano that the series will not add anything to TV "because its treatment is not a documentary" and it does not address "rigorous academic research. The model is fiction and the victims' participation won't be anything more than an anecdote. On the contrary, this kind of series eventually distorts knowledge about history in public opinion."[16]

Telemundo's July 9 broadcast of Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal averaged nearly 2.2 million viewers.[17][18]


Confirmed on June 27, 2013.[19] The finalists were announced on July 31, 2013.[20] Winners were announced on August 15, 2013.[21]

Premios tu mundo 2013
Category Nominee Result
Novela of the Year Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal Nominated
Favorite Lead Actor Andrés Parra Nominated
Best Bad Luck Moment Pablo is discovered Nominated

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