Party for the Transformation of Honduras

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Party for the Transformation of Honduras
Founded 1967
Ideology Communism
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The Party for the Transformation of Honduras (in Spanish: Partido para la Transformación de Honduras) was a political party in Honduras. PTH was earlier known as Partido Comunista Marxista-Leninista de Honduras (Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Honduras).

PCMLH was founded in 1967 as a pro-Chinese break-away from Partido Comunista de Honduras. PCMLH was an illegal party, working mainly in student and peasant movements.[citation needed]

In 1992, PTH joined the Democratic Unification Party (UD). PTH does however, as the only one of the four founders of UD, maintained a separate party structure within UD. PTH was active within the tendency Convergencia Popular.[citation needed]