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Patria NEMO
Type Single-barrel, unmanned self-loading mortar system
Place of origin Finland
Production history
Designer Patria Vammas Oy
Manufacturer Patria
Weight ca. 1,500 kg
Crew unmanned turret, 3 in vehicle

Shell Standard mortar smoothbore + stub case or smart guided ammunition. Typically HE
Caliber 120 mm smoothbore
Breech half-automatic wedge
Recoil hydro-pneumatic suspension
Elevation −3° to +85°
Traverse ± 360°
Rate of fire 10 rounds/minute (max); 7 rounds/minute (continuous)

NEMO (from "new mortar"), is a single barrelled 120 mm unmanned mortar turret currently being developed by Patria Weapons System Oy (PWS) in Finland. It is a lighter version of the AMOS mortar system, which is also being field tested. The NEMO can be fitted to most APCs and also to smaller landing craft, such as the Finnish Jurmo class landing craft or the Swedish Combat Boat 90.

The first customer of the weapon system was the Slovenian Army,[1] which ordered 24, while the United Arab Emirates Naval Forces bought 12 patrol boats, where some were to be equipped with NEMO mortars.[2] Saudi Arabia bought 36 turrets to equip its LAV II vehicles.[3]

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Map of NEMO operators in blue

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