United Arab Emirates Navy

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United Arab Emirates Navy
دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة
Founded 1971
Country  UAE
Branch Navy
Role Naval warfare
Size 2,500 personnel[1]
Part of Union Defence Force
Garrison/HQ Abu Dhabi
Ensign Ensign of the United Arab Emirates Navy
Mubarraz (P141) takes part in the international IMCMEX 13 exercise

The United Arab Emirates Navy is small force of about 2,500 personnel. It maintains 12 well-equipped coastal patrol boats and eight missile boats. Although primarily concerned with coastal defense, the Navy is constructing a six-unit class of blue water corvettes in conjunction with French shipbuilder CMN.[2] The UAE maintains a small battalion-sized marine force called the UAE Marines equipped with BMP-3 armoured personnel carriers.

Swedish shipbuilder Swede Ship Marine have built four 24 m Amphibious Troop Transport Vessel and one 25 m Fast Supply Vessel for the UAE Navy (delivered between 2003 and 2005).[3] Three additional vessels are being built by Swede Ship Marine for the UAE Navy (see Future Navy).





Future Navy[edit]

Till 2014 will be commissioned 12 Ghannatha Phase II class fast missile landing crafts. First unit was be launched in July 2012.[11] Other 12 will be upgraded from Ghannatha Phase I class [9]

4 Falaj 2 class patrol vessel (based on the Italian Diciotti class) on order, 2 being fitted out - 550 tons - 4 MM-40 Exocets - 6 Mica VL SAM (2 more to be produced with 2 more in the future, grand total 8)

One 26 m Offshore Patrol Vessel, one 24 m Amphibious Troop Transport Vessel and one 24 m Patrol Vessel is under construction for the UAE Navy.[3]

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