Slovenian Ground Force

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Slovenian Ground Forces
Slovenska vojska
Sign of Slovenian Army.svg
Emblem of the Slovenian army
Active1991–1993 (as the Slovene Territorial Defense Forces), 1993–present
TypeGround army
RoleDefending Slovene territory
Equipment84 MBTs, 314 IFVs and APCs, 240+ Artillery pieces
Engagements For engagements of the navy detachment see: Slovenian Navy
Commander in ChiefBorut Pahor

The Slovenian Ground Force is the primary component of Slovenian Armed Forces.


The current Slovenian Armed Forces are descended from the Territorial Defense of the Republic of Slovenia (Teritorialna Obramba Republike Slovenije; TORS), which was formed in 1968 as a paramilitary complement to the regular army of the former Yugoslav within the territory of Slovenia. The main objectives of TORS were to support the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) and conduct guerrilla operations in the event of an invasion.

When Slovenia declared independence at the onset of the Yugoslav Wars in 1991, the TORS and the Slovenian police comprised the majority of forces engaging the Yugoslav People's Army during the Ten-Day War. The Slovenian Armed Forces were formally established in 1993 as a reorganization of the TORS.

Weapons and equipment[edit]


A Slovene soldier with an FN F2000 assault rifle

Small Arms[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Caliber or cartridge Details
Beretta 92FS Beretta 92 FS.gif  Italy Handgun 9×19mm Standard handgun of the Slovenian Army.[2]
SIG Sauer P226 SIG P226 img 1624.jpg   Switzerland Handgun 9×19mm Used by officers and special forces.[3]
Pistol Rex Zero-1 S FDE Rex-zero-1-s-fde.jpg  Slovenia Handgun 9X19mm Used by Slovenian special forces.[4]
Submachine guns
MP5 MP5.jpg  Germany Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabelum Used by Slovenian Military Police and special units.[5]
Benelli M4 Benelli m4 2.jpg  Italy Shotgun 12 gauge Semi-automatic shotgun
M59 PAP Yugo SKS.jpg  Yugoslavia Carbine 7.62×39mm Used by Slovenian Ceremonial Honor Guard.
Assault rifle
Zastava M70 Zastava M70AB2 Hunter la5.JPG  Yugoslavia Assault rifle 7.62×39mm Used by reserve soldiers.[6]
FN F2000 S FN F2000S.JPG  Belgium Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO Standard Issue Rifle for the Slovenian Armed Forces.[7]
FN SCAR Scar H Standard.jpg  Belgium Assault rifle 7.62×51mm NATO Used by Slovenian Special forces (ESD).[8]
Machine guns
FN Minimi Para  Belgium Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO Standard Issue Light Machine Gun.[9]
FN MAG FN MAG.jpg  Belgium Medium machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO Standard Issue Medium Machine Gun.[10]
M2 Browning M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg  Belgium Heavy machine gun 12.7×99mm NATO M2HB QCB variant manufactured by FN Herstal.[11]
Sniper rifle
Steyr SSG 69 Steyr SSG 69.jpg  Austria Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO Bolt-action sniper rifle.[5]
PGM Ultima Ratio Ultima Ratio Commando slovenske vojske.jpg  France Sniper fifle 7.62×51mm NATO Sniper rifle.[12]
PGM Mini Hecate Mini Hecate 338.jpg  France Sniper rifle .338 Lapua Magnum Medium sniper rifle.[13]
PGM Hécate II PGM Hecate.jpg  France Sniper rifle 12.7×99mm NATO Heavy sniper rifle.[14]
Grenade launchers
GL1 FN GL1.png  Belgium Grenade launcher 40 mm caseless grenade [15]
Heckler & Koch GMG HK GMW.jpg  Germany Automatic grenade launcher 40x53 mm [16]
Anti-tank warfare
Carl Gustav M4 M3E1.jpg  Sweden Recoillesss rifle 84mm Recoilless anti tank weapon which will replace the RGW 90. Bought with different types of ammunition from high explosive anti tank to dual purpose.
RGW 90 MATADOR Stand.jpg  Germany Rocket-propelled grenade 90mm
Spike MR & LR SPIKE ATGM.jpg  Israel Anti-tank guided missile 170mmm
Man-portable air-defense systems
Igla-S IGLA-S MANPADS at IDELF-2008.jpg  Russia MANPADS 72mm [17]


Model Image Origin Type Number Notes
TN90 155 mm towed Havbica 155 mm.JPG  Israel Howitzer 18 [18][19]
MN 9 120 mm SV minomet 120 mm.jpg  Israel Mortar 45 [20][19]

In search of acquiring self propeled howitzers (high chance of german Panzerhaubitze 2000). High amounts of Bratstvo 82mm M69 and 60mm M57 mortars.

Tanks, IFVs and APCs[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Number Notes
Armoured fighting vehicles
M-84A4 Sniper M-84 SV.jpg  Yugoslavia
Main battle tank 14 14 used for training, 32 more in storage. Most were upgraded to M-84A4 Sniper standard by 2008.[21][22]
M-55S Slovenian T-55.jpg  Slovenia
 Soviet Union
Main battle tank 30 Heavily upgraded T-55. In reserve.[23]
BVP M-80 BVP M80A IFV.JPEG  Yugoslavia Infantry fighting vehicle 52 In reserve.[24]
SCOV Svarun Slovenians Patria AMV.jpg  Finland
Armored personnel carrier 30 30 vehicles delivered according to a Settlement Agreement with Patria.[25][21][26]
Valuk LKOV Valuk.jpg  Slovenia Armored personnel carrier 85 85 vehicles in service. 19 of them in the 20th Infantry Regiment.[27][21][28]
BOV VP BOV-VP.jpg  Yugoslavia Armored personnel carrier 12
BOV M BOV-M.jpg  Yugoslavia Armored personnel carrier 28
Pandur EVO  United States Armored personnel carrier 14 Negotiating to acquire 14 Pandur EVO APC equipped with RCWS armed with 12.7mm HMG, some possibly with 40mm AGL and 76mm smoke launchers. Delivery to take place between 2020–21.

Other vehicles

Model Image Origin Type Number Notes
Utility vehicles
JLTV JLTV-DEC14-4999.jpg  United States Light multi-role vehicle 38 38 vehicles on order to replace the Humvees. Deliveries to take place between 2021–2023.Will be armed with remote controlled 12.7mm HMG,some with 40mm AGL and SPIKE LR missiles.[29]
Otokar Cobra Slovenian Otokar Cobra.jpg  Turkey Reconnaissance vehicle 10 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle[21][30]
HMMWV Slohmmwv.jpg  United States Reconnaissance vehicle 42
JVBT-55 JVBT-55A 01.JPG  Czechoslovakia Armoured recovery vehicle 7 [31]
VT-55 VT-55A 01.JPG  Czechoslovakia Armoured recovery vehicle 2 [21]
MT-55 MT-55 Militärtag - Uffenheim - 2015 .jpg  Czechoslovakia Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 4 [32]
Cougar JERRV Mine resistant ambush protected vehicles.jpg  United States MRAP 7 Used by EOD units.[33][34]
Achleitner MMV Survivor Toyota Land Cruiser J120.jpg  Japan Military light utility vehicle 91 A modified Toyota Land Cruiser for military missions. Will be delivered at the end of 2018.[35]
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Slovenska vojska je še naprej množično vključena v pomoč pri reševanju migrantske situacije 01.jpg  Germany Military light utility vehicle [36][28]
TAM 110 T7 B/BV TAM 110 VS1.jpg  Yugoslavia Military truck Mainly used for towing mortars.[37]
TAM 150 T11 B/BV TAM-Vojska Srbije.jpg  Yugoslavia Military truck The vehicle is intended for transport of material and technical means (MTS), also used as water/fuel tank vehicle, as decontamination vehicle and special vehicle with superstructure .[38]
Unimog Mercedes Benz Unimog Turkey exhibition side.JPG  Germany Military truck The vehicle is intended for transport of material and technical means (MTS) and special vehicle with superstructure. The vehicle is equipped with a roof lining, which allows infantry weapons to be installed.[39]
Iveco T-series Slovenska vojska sodeluje pri odpravi posledic zadnjih poplav 02.jpg  Italy Military truck The vehicle is intended for transport of material and technical means (MTS) and personnel.[40][41][42][43]
Mercedes-Benz Actros Mercedes-Benz Actros 3348 E. T..JPG  Germany Military truck The vehicle is intended for transport of material and technical means (MTS) and personnel.[44]
MAN 15 TMILGL W A1 Slovenian Army Truck.jpg  Germany Military truck The vehicle is intended for transport of material and technical assets (MTS), mainly ammunition and mines.[45]

Stored equipment[edit]

Former equipment[edit]

Slovenian 9M111 Fagot anti-tank guided missile


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