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For the Cradle of Filth guitarist, see Paul Ryan (agent).

Paul Ryan is a guitarist and vocalist for the Kansas-based technical death metal band Origin. He is the only member who has been continuously in the band since he formed it in 1997 with fellow guitarist Jeremy Turner.[1] On Decibel magazine's August 2007 list of the all-time top 20 death metal guitarists, he was #20.[2]

In May 2011 he was listed as #25 on the list of The Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarists. In Origin, Ryan employs a high pitched growled/shrieked vocal technique on each of the band's albums, as well as during live performances. In the recording of Origin's fifth studio enstallment, Entity, the absence of a lead vocalist led Ryan and bassist Mike Flores to take over vocals. On Entity, Ryan can be heard performing low guttural growls and gurgles usually done by former lead singer James Lee. It is unknown whether he will keep this role in the future. Prior to the band Origin, Ryan played in bands in relative obscurity outside of his hometown of Topeka, Kansas. Necrotomy in 1991 & Abomination 1992-1993


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