People's Democratic Party (Taiwan)

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People's Democratic Party

Founded2011 (2011)
Preceded byWorkers' Legislative Action Committee
People's Firey Action Alliance
HeadquartersNo. 33, Lane 32, Guangming Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City
Labor rights
Anti-corporate activism
Political positionLeft-wing[2]
Legislative Yuan
0 / 113
Official website

The People's Democratic Party (PDP; Chinese: 人民民主黨), known until 2017 as the People's Democratic Front (PDF; Chinese: 人民民主陣線),[3] is a left-wing political party in Taiwan. The party has no official leadership or membership system, and instead uses a unique system of nominating electoral candidates.[4] Supporters of the PDP are mainly concerned with issues such as labor rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, immigration, and environmental protection.


In the 2014 local elections, PDP candidate Wang Zhian was elected representative of the Yanshan Li area in Shilin District, Taipei, the first and only time the PDP held office.

In June 2016, nearly 70% of the PDP's candidates were graduates, lecturers, or professors from the Department of Psychology at Fu Jen Catholic University, while the rest were composed of representatives from workers' unions and LGBT rights groups.[citation needed]



  1. ^ The Ministry of the Interior lists Wang Zhian as leader of the party, but no such position actually exists.[1]


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