People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan

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People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan
Leader Emomalii Rahmon
Founded 10 December 1994
Headquarters Palace of Unity, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Ideology Statism
Secularism[citation needed]
Politics of Tajikistan
Political parties

The People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan (Tajik: Ҳизби халқӣ-демократӣ Тоҷикистон Hizbi Khalqī-Demokratī Tojikiston) is a political party in Tajikistan. It is the ruling party, and is led by Emomalii Rahmon, the current President of Tajikistan. At the legislative elections, 27 February and 13 March 2005 (widely considered to have been rigged in favour of Rahmon by observers), the party won 74% of the popular vote and 52 out of 63 seats.[citation needed] This was an increase from the 2000 elections, in which they won 64.9% of the vote and 38 seats.[1] At the last legislative elections, 28 February 2010, the party won 71,69% of the popular vote and 45 out of 63 seats.

Their headquarters is located in the Palace of Unity in Dushanbe.[2]


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