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Not to be confused with Mozilla Persona.
Firefox Background Themes
Personas for Firefox.png
Developer(s) Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Foundation
Initial release December 14, 2007 (2007-12-14)[1]
Development status Active
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Theming Software

Firefox Background Themes, or Firefox Personas, are a feature in the browser Mozilla Firefox that allows a user to select simple-to-use themes, easier than normal themes.[2] Although at first only available as an extension, the feature was built into Mozilla Firefox 3.6. These Background Themes differ from normal themes in that they are more basic, easier to create, and easier to install, but are limited to changing the header and the status bar of the browser. They cannot alter the shape or appearance of toolbar items or tabs in the way that normal themes can. In regards to installation, they can be installed and activated with one click, while normal theme installations are more complicated and require a browser restart.

Background Themes were previously called “Personas”. Due to the similarity of the name with the authentication scheme Mozilla Persona, Mozilla announced a rename to “Firefox Background Themes” and their integration into the Mozilla Add-ons website. [3][4]

In 2013, lightweight themes have been moved over from to the Mozilla Add-ons website, and are since called "Background Themes" or just "Themes", while the more powerful themes are now called "Complete Themes".[5] A free extension exists titled Personas Plus, which in addition to the normal features of Personas, enables the user to keep track of different Personas more efficiently and more easily create designs for personal use.[2]

Although the feature was met with general favor, TechCrunch has criticized Mozilla for focusing on developing eye candy for the browser rather than placing more attention on improving the speed and usability of Firefox.[6]

LibreOffice Writer using a Firefox Background Theme

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