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Peter Wilson (1952 – 1 August 1973) was a man from Northern Ireland who was abducted and killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army. The IRA never gave any explanation for his abduction and murder. His body was not found for 37 years, and he was listed as one of the Disappeared by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains.


Wilson, a native of West Belfast, with five siblings, was described as "a vulnerable man with learning difficulties".[1] He was abducted by the IRA in the summer of 1973, somewhere in the St. James area of Belfast, and killed.[2] Only in 2009 was he added to the list of Northern Ireland's 'Disappeared'.[3] His body was located at the beach in Waterfoot, County Antrim,[4] on 2 November 2010, the day after excavations began following the receipt of "reliable and high quality" information. His family had often walked on the beach, unaware that he was buried there.[1] Wilson was the ninth of the known "Disappeared" to be located since 1999.[1]

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