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This is a bibliography of works by and about Philip Roth.


Novels and novellas[edit]

Year Title Protagonist / Narrator Awards Notes LOA Volume
1959 Goodbye, Columbus Neil Klugman 1960 National Book Award Published with five short stories LOA1
1962 Letting Go Gabe Wallach LOA1
1967 When She Was Good Lucy Nelson LOA2
1969 Portnoy's Complaint Alexander Portnoy LOA2
1971 Our Gang Trick E. Dixon LOA2
1972 The Breast David Kepesh LOA2
1973 The Great American Novel Word Smith LOA3
1974 My Life as a Man Nathan Zuckerman
/Peter Tarnopol
[I] LOA3
1977 The Professor of Desire David Kepesh LOA3
1979 The Ghost Writer Nathan Zuckerman LOA4
1981 Zuckerman Unbound Nathan Zuckerman LOA4
1983 The Anatomy Lesson Nathan Zuckerman LOA4
1985 The Prague Orgy Nathan Zuckerman LOA4
1986 The Counterlife Nathan Zuckerman 1986 National Book Critics Circle Award LOA5
1990 Deception Philip Roth LOA5
1993 Operation Shylock Philip Roth 1994 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction LOA6
1995 Sabbath's Theater Mickey Sabbath 1995 National Book Award LOA6
1997 American Pastoral Nathan Zuckerman
/ Swede Levov
1998 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction;
2000 Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger
1998 I Married a Communist Nathan Zuckerman 1998 Ambassador Book Award LOA7
2000 The Human Stain Nathan Zuckerman 2001 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction;
2001 WH Smith Literary Award;
2002 Prix Médicis Étranger
2001 The Dying Animal David Kepesh LOA8
2004 The Plot Against America Philip Roth 2005 Sidewise Award for Alternate History LOA8
2006 Everyman Unnamed 2007 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction LOA9
2007 Exit Ghost Nathan Zuckerman LOA8
2008 Indignation Marcus Messner LOA9
2009 The Humbling Simon Axler LOA9
2010 Nemesis Bucky Cantor
/ Arnie Mesnikoff

^ I The Nathan Zuckerman appearing in this book is not the same as the one appearing in later books, but a creation of the fictional writer Peter Tarnopol.

Short stories and reviews[edit]

Title Original publication Collected in:
Philosophy, or Something Like That Et Cetera, May 1952
The Box of Truths Et Cetera, October 1952
The Fence Et Cetera, May 1953
Armando and the Frauds Et Cetera, October 1953
The Final Delivery of Mr. Thorn Et Cetera, May 1954
The Day It Snowed Chicago Review, 8, 1954
The Contest for Aaron Gold Epoch, 5–6, 1955
You Can't Tell a Man by the Song He Sings Commentary, 1957 Goodbye, Columbus
Positive Thinking on Pennsylvania Avenue Chicago Review, 11, 1957
Mrs. Lindbergh, Mr. Ciardi,
and the Teeth and Claws of the Civilized World
Chicago Review, 11, 1957
Rescue from Philosophy The New Republic, 10 June 1957
I Don't Want to Embarrass You The New Republic, 15 July 1957
The Hurdles of Satire The New Republic, 9 September 1957
Coronation on Channel Two The New Republic, 23 September 1957
Films as Sociology The New Republic, 21 October 1957
The Proper Study of Show Business The New Republic, 23 December 1957
The Conversion of the Jews The Paris Review, Spring 1958 Goodbye, Columbus
Epstein The Paris Review, Summer 1958 Goodbye, Columbus
Heard Melodies Are Sweeter Esquire, August 1958
Expect the Vandals Esquire, December 1958
The Kind of Person I am The New Yorker, 29 November 1958
Defender of the Faith The New Yorker, March 1959 Goodbye, Columbus
Eli, the Fanatic Goodbye, Columbus
Recollections from Beyond the Last Rope Harper's Magazine, July 1959
The Love Vessel The Dial, 1, 1959
The Good Girl Cosmopolitan, May 1960
The Mistaken American Judaism, 10, 1960
Jewishness and the Younger Intellectuals Commentary, April 1961
American Fiction Commentary, September 1961
Novotny's Pain The New Yorker, October 1962 A Philip Roth Reader (1993 ed.)
Iowa: A Very Far Country Indeed, Esquire, December 1962
Philip Roth Talks to Teens Seventeen, April 1963
Second Dialogue in Israel Congress Bi-Weekly, 16 September 1963
Psychoanalytic Special Esquire, November 1963
An Actor's Life for Me Playboy, January 1964
Channel X: Two Plays on the Race Conflict The New York Review of Books, 28 May 1964
The National Pastime Cavalier, May 1965
Seasons of Discontent The New York Review of Books, 7 November 1965
On the Air New American Review, 10, 1970
Looking at Kafka New American Review, 1973 A Philip Roth Reader (1993 ed.)
Imagining Jews The New York Review of Books, 1974
In Search of Kafka and Other Answers The New York Times Book Review, 15 February 1976
Dialog: Philip Roth Chicago Tribune, 25 September 1977
His Mistress's Voice Partisan Review, 53, 1986
Smart Money The New Yorker, February 1981 Part of Zuckerman Unbound
I Couldn't Restrain Myself The New York Times Book Review, 21 June 1992
A Bit of Jewish Mischief The New York Times Book Review, 7 March 1993
Dr. Huvelle: A Biographical Sketch 1993 34-page booklet
Juice or Gravy? How I Met My Fate in a Cafeteria The New York Times Book Review, 18 September 1994
The Ultimatum The New Yorker, 26 June 1995 Part of Sabbath's Theater
Drenka's Men The New Yorker, 10 July 1995 Part of Sabbath's Theater
Communist: Oh, Ma, Let Me Join the National Guard The New Yorker, August 1998 Part of I Married a Communist



Title Year Awards LOA Volume
The Facts: A Novelist's Autobiography 1988 LOA5
Patrimony: A True Story 1991 1991 National Book Critics Circle Award LOA5

On writing and writers[edit]


Title Year Notes
Reading Myself and Others 1976 Anthology of essays, interviews, and criticism
Shop Talk 2001 Roth's interviews with 20th-century writers


Title Originally published in Collected in
Country Report: Czechoslovakia American PEN, 1973
Introduction to Milan Kundera, Edward and God American Poetry Review, March/April 1974
Introduction to Jiří Weil, Two Stories about Nazis and Jews American Poetry Review, September/October 1974
Conversation in New York with Isaac Bashevis Singer about Bruno Schulz The New York Times Book Review, 1976 Shop Talk
Conversation in London and Connecticut with Milan Kundera The New York Times Book Review, 1980 Shop Talk
Conversation in London with Edna O'Brien The New York Times Book Review, 1984 Shop Talk
Pictures of Malamud The New York Times Book Review, 1986 Shop Talk
A Man Saved by His Skills. Conversation in Turin with Primo Levi The New York Times Book Review, 12 October 1986 Shop Talk
Conversation in Jerusalem with Aharon Appelfeld The New York Times Book Review, 1988 Shop Talk
Pictures of Guston Vanity Fair, 1989 Shop Talk
Conversation in Prague with Ivan Klíma The New York Times Book Review, 1990 Shop Talk
An Exchange with Mary McCarthy The New Yorker, 1998 Shop Talk
Rereading Saul Bellow The New Yorker, 2000 Shop Talk


Title Year Works Included
A Philip Roth Reader 1980;
2nd ed. 1993
Selections from Roth's first eight novels;
2nd edition includes Novotny's Pain and Looking at Kafka
Zuckerman Bound 1985 The Ghost Writer
Zuckerman Unbound
The Anatomy Lesson
The Prague Orgy

Library of America editions[edit]

The first nine volumes are edited by Ross Miller, the last by the author himself.

Title Year Works Included
Novels and Stories 1959–1962 2005 Goodbye, Columbus
Letting Go
Novels 1967–1972 2005 When She Was Good
Portnoy's Complaint
Our Gang
The Breast
Novels 1973–1977 2006 The Great American Novel
My Life As a Man
The Professor of Desire
Zuckerman Bound 1979–1985 2007 The Ghost Writer
Zuckerman Unbound
The Anatomy Lesson
The Prague Orgy
unproduced television screenplay for The Prague Orgy
Novels and Other Narratives 1986–1991 2008 The Counterlife
The Facts: A Novelist's Autobiography
Patrimony: A True Story
Novels 1993–1995 2010 Operation Shylock
Sabbath's Theater
American Trilogy 1997–2000 2011 American Pastoral
I Married a Communist
The Human Stain
Novels 2001–2007 2013 The Dying Animal
The Plot Against America
Exit Ghost
Nemeses 2013 Everyman
The Humbling
Why Write?: Collected Nonfiction 1960–2013 2017 Roth's selection of Reading Myself and Others (1975) and Shop Talk (2001)
Explanations (14 later pieces)
(total 37 articles or essays)


Roth's adaptations of works by others[edit]

Roth's adaptations of his own work[edit]

  • TV Adaptation of The Ghost Writer (in collaboration with Tristram Powell), 1984
  • TV Adaptation of The Prague Orgy (unproduced), 1985

Adaptations of Roth's work by others[edit]


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