Pinggu line

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Pinggu line
Other name(s)Line 22
M22 (planned name)
TypeRapid Transit
SystemBeijing Subway
LocaleChaoyang, Tongzhou and Pinggu districts (Beijing) & Sanhe (Langfang, Hebei Province)
Rolling stockType D[1]
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Pinggu line
Simplified Chinese北京地铁22号线(平谷线)

Line 22 (Pinggu line) of the Beijing Subway is a rapid transit line under planning in Beijing and Hebei Province.

It will run from Dongdaqiao station in Chaoyang District to Pinggu station in Pinggu District with 20 stations. The length of the line is 78.6 km, including 48.5 km underground section.[2] The line will use Type D rolling stock.[1]


Station Name Connections Distance
English Chinese
Dongdaqiao 东大桥  6   17   28      Chaoyang Beijing
Jintaixizhao 金台夕照  10   28     
Hongmiao 红庙  14     
Ciyunsiqiao 慈云寺桥    
Ganluyuan 甘露园    
Dingfuzhuang 定福庄    
Guanzhuang 管庄  Batong     
Yongshun 永顺     Tongzhou
Tongzhou Beiguan 通州北关  6     
Yunhe Business District 运河商务区    
Sub-Center Railway Station 副中心站  6  (via Beiyunhe East)    
Government Center 政务中心    
Government Center East 政务中心东    
Yanjiao Town 燕郊镇     Sanhe Langfang,
Hebei Province
Shenweidajie 神威大街    
Gaolou South 高楼南    
Qixinzhuang 齐心庄    
Mafang 马坊     Pinggu Beijing
Machangying 马昌营    
Pinggu 平谷    


The line was originally planned to begin at Dongfengbeiqiao station and will end at Juhewan station in Pinggu District.[3][4]

However, in 2019, it was announced that the line will run in a different route. The line will still start in the urban center of Pinggu District. However when reaching Yanjiao the line will instead head south through Tongzhou District and run under Chaoyang Road between Line 6 and the Batong Line towards Beijing central business district (Beijing CBD). The original plan to terminate the line at Dongfengbeiqiao station is now reserved as long-term planning. This was done to serve more populated areas of the city and enhance integration between Beijing's city center and its new sub-center in Tongzhou District.[5]


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