Beijing Suburban Railway

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Bcr logo.svg
Locale Beijing
Transit type Commuter rail
Began operation August 6, 2008
Operator(s) China Railways
Simplified Chinese 北京城市铁路
Traditional Chinese 北京城市鐵路
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 北京市郊铁路
Traditional Chinese 北京市郊鐵路

BCR (Beijing City Rail) also known as Beijing Suburban Railway is a commuter rail service that connects urban Beijing with outlying districts and counties beyond the reach of the city's Beijing Subway network. The "S"-numbered suburban rail lines are managed by the Beijing Railway Bureau, an agency of the Ministry of Railways that is not affiliated with the Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., Ltd, the municipal company that operates the subway. Hence, the S-Lines run on separate tracks and stations and have a different fare schedule from the subway.

There are 3 suburban railway line currently in operation: Line S2, Sub-Central Line and Huairou–Miyun Line.

In operation[edit]

Service Service route Terminals
Opened Length
S1  Sub-Central  Beijingxi
31 December 2017 29.6 4
S2, S28  S2  Huangtudian
Yanqing (Yanqing)
Shacheng (Huailai Co., Hebei)
6 August 2008 77.07 6
S5  Huaimi  Huangtudian
31 December 2017 80.85 3

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