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The following is a list of Polish generals, that is the people who held the rank of general, as well as those who acted as de facto generals by commanding a division or brigade.

Note that until the Partitions of Poland of late 18th century the rank of general as such was mostly (though not exclusively) reserved for commanders of artillery, while large tactical units (equivalent of divisions) were usually commanded by hetmans and voivodes.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth[edit]

Kościuszko Uprising[edit]

Duchy of Warsaw[edit]

November 1830 Uprising[edit]

American Civil War[edit]

January 1863 Uprising[edit]

Paris Commune[edit]

World War I, Polish-Soviet War and national uprisings of the period[edit]

Polish high-ranking officers who served abroad[edit]

World War II[edit]

Polish People's Republic[edit]

Contemporary Poland[edit]

Some notable Polish officers[edit]

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