Pop Class

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Pop Class
Sam Conpcion Pop Class.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Paul Soriano
Produced by Paul Soriano
Kathleen Dy-Go (Executive)
Written by Njel De Mesa
Starring Sam Concepcion
Cheska ortega
Mikki Villa
Grace Tanchanco
Emily Bolanos
Hanna Flores
Janeena Chan
Roden Araneta
Music by Ito Rapadas
Cinematography Anne Monzon
Edited by Mark Victor
Distributed by Universal Records
Release date
  • January 2010 (2010-01) (Metro Manila)
  • March 3, 2010 (2010-03-03) (Nationwide)
Country Philippines
Language English

Pop Class is a DVD album by teen heartthrob Sam Concepcion released under Universal Records. The concept of the album is a mini-movie-musical following the tradition of Glee, Camp Rock and High School Musical.


Sam (Concepcion) and Cheska (Ortega) are on their way to fulfilling their pop dreams as the most promising students in their Pop Class (a Pop Performance Workshop Class they have religiously attended every summer since they were kids). But when Cheska inexplicably drops out, Sam is devastated and falls into an uninspired artistic rut. Will his best friend Cheska's coming back—years after—take him out of his misery or make matters worse (since the school is about to close)? With a spirited production of cool dance sequences and new tween music, "Pop Class" will surely make you fall in love and prove that "you can never just walk away from your dreams".[1]


  • Sam Concepcion as Sam
  • Cheska Ortega as Cheska
  • Mikki Villa as Ojo
  • Grace Tanchanco as Yvonne
  • Maureen Santiago as Cheska's mom

Extended cast

  • Roden Araneta as Dance Instructor
  • Emily Bolaños as Performance Instructor

Pop Class Students

  • Janeena Chan as Girl 1
  • Hanna Flores as Girl 2 (Hannah Flores)
  • Jacky Dos Santos as Girl 3
  • Mara Tanchanco as Girl 4
  • Ericka Reyes as Girl 5
  • Ariel Mendoza as Classmate / Dancer
  • Lucky Jeff Nasayao as Classmate / Dancer
  • Chester Carmona as Classmate / Dancer
  • Bernard Rayoso as Classmate / Dancer
  • Mark Reyes as Classmate / Dancer
  • Charlie Velasco as Classmate / Dancer
  • Alfred Lauzon as Classmate / Dancer

Special Participation of:

  • SAMSTERS as theater audience


On September 2011, an EP entitled "Forever Young" was released which contains the tracks from the Pop Class Album.

Song Title Sung by Scene
Hala Heyla Hey Sam Concepcion Hallway, Gymnasium
Missed You Sam Concepcion Classroom
Be My Girlfriend Sam Concepcion Practice Room
Someone Sam Concepcion
Dream On Sam Concepcion feat. Cheska Ortega Auditorium


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