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Industry Software
Fate Acquired by Symantec Corporation
Founded Orem, Utah, U.S.
Founder Eric J. Ruff
Products PartitionMagic
Drive Image
V2i Protector
V2i Builder
Lost & Found
Search & Rescue
Website Powerquest.com

PowerQuest was a software company that produced utility software. It was acquired by Symantec in 2003.[1] PowerQuest's market focus was on management of computer data storage, especially file systems and disk partitions. Their products included PartitionMagic, DriveCopy, Drive Image, and ServerMagic.

PowerQuest was started in the basement of Eric J. Ruff in Orem, Utah. PowerQuest earned Mr. Ruff the 124th spot on the Inc. 500 list one year,[2] and earned many awards for being one of the fastest growing software companies in the world.


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