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Camembert de marque Président

Président is a French dairy brand owned by the Laval-based Lactalis company. The brand was created in 1933 by André Besnier. It is used for butter and for a range of industrially produced versions of traditional cheeses.


The brand was created in 1933 by André Besnier who by then was already a leading figure in the French dairy business. Explaining the name's French context, Besnier explained that "France is the land of presidents, everyone is a president: of a club of fishermen, of bowlers, of veterans". « La France est le pays des Présidents, tout le monde est président! De l'association de pêche, des boulistes, des anciens combattants. »[1] (Presidential government had also enjoyed a higher profile in France since the return to power as president, in 1958, of leading president Charles de Gaulle.)

Landmark dates[edit]

  • 1968: Launch of Président Camembert.
  • 1972: Launch of Président Coulommiers.
  • 1972: Launch of Président Butter.
  • 1975: Launch of Président Brie.
  • 1991: Launch of Président Emmental range.
  • 1993: Président sells its billionth Camembert.
  • 1995: Launch of Président brand in Germany and United States
  • 1999: Launch of Président Camembert and Emmental based cheese spread.
  • 2003: Launch of Président Mozzarella and Goats' cheese.
  • 2006: Launch of Président Cantal


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