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Rani Prem Kaur, was the daughter of Lambardar Hari Singh Waraich a Jatt Sikh of the village of Ladhewala Waraich, in Gujranwala district of the Punjab, was married in 1822 to Prince Sher Singh, one of the many sons of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.[1]

In 1831, she gave birth to Partap Singh,[2] who was later brutally murdered by Sardar Lahina Singh Sandhanvalia, near Shalamar Bagh in Lahore in September 1843 at the age of 12. Rani Prem Kaur survived her husband and was granted an annual pension of Rs 7,200 by the British after the Annexation of Punjab Sikh Kingdom by the British Raj in 1849.


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