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Grabowski Prize
Awarded for Awarded to young authors writing in Esperanto
Presented by Antoni Grabowski Foundation

The Grabowski Prize is a prize awarded to young authors writing in Esperanto by the Antoni Grabowski Foundation, part of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA). It is named after Antoni Grabowski, who has been called "the father of Esperanto poetry". The awards for the first three winners are $700, $300 and $150 respectively.[1]

Past recipients[edit]

  • Ulrich Becker, a publisher of literature in and about Esperanto and of interlinguistic literature in general was awarded the Grabowski Prize (Premio Grabowski) in 2005 for his achievements in publishing in Esperanto. Amongst other works, he is the publisher of the three-times-a-year periodical of Esperanto belles-lettres Beletra Almanako.


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