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Black Moon Clan
The Black Moon Clan. Down left side: Veneti, Aquatici, Chiral, Achiral. Center square, from top left: Blue Saphir, Prince Demand, Green Esmeraude, Crimson Rubeus. Right: Wiseman. Bottom line, from left: Kōan, Berthier, Calaveras, Petz.
Publication information
Publisher Kodansha
First appearance Sailor Moon chapter #14: Black Moon Koan – Sailor Mars (March 3, 1993)
Created by Naoko Takeuchi
In-story information
Base(s) Planet Nemesis
Leader(s) Prince Demand
Member(s) Crimson Rubeus
Green Esmeraude
Blue Saphir
Black Lady
Ayakashi Sisters
Boule Brothers

The Black Moon Clan (ブラックムーン一族, Burakku Mūn Ichizoku) is a group of fictional characters who serve as villains in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It comprises the villains of the second major story arc, which is called the "Black Moon" arc in the manga and which fills most of its Sailor Moon R anime adaptation. They are first introduced in chapter #14 "Black Moon Koan – Sailor Mars", first published in Nakayoshi on March 3, 1993. In the DIC English adaptation, their name is changed to the "Negamoon Family".

Members of the Black Moon Clan are descendants of anarchists who are against Crystal Tokyo as they saw the governing group corrupt and the resulting increase in human longevity by the Silver Crystal as crime against nature. The founding leaders of the Black Moon were guided by Wise Man to the Planet Nemesis (宿敵, Shukuteki), a phantom planet that can conceal itself from anything save X-Rays and produce shards of the Malefic Black Crystal (邪黒水晶, Jakoku Suishō). All members of the Black Moon Clan have black, upside-down crescents on their foreheads (the inverse of the marking of Silver Millennium). They wear earrings which, according to the Materials Collection, are made of Black Crystal and allow them to teleport.[1]

Creation and conception[edit]

Series creator Naoko Takeuchi originally intended Sailor Moon to last one season, but due to its popularity, Toei Animation asked her to keep drawing the manga series. Takeuchi stated she had difficulty developing a story for the second arc, and the whole idea of Sailor Moon's daughter coming from a future attacked by the Black Moon Clan came from her editor, Fumio Osano.[2] To give Takeuchi enough time to develop the second arc, Toei introduced in the anime the Hell Tree aliens, thus the Black Moon Clan does not feature in the first thirteen episodes of Sailor Moon R. In the DIC English adaptation of the anime, the Black Moon Clan is called "Negamoon Family".[3] The term "Nega-" was also used for the "Negaverse" (the Dark Kingdom) in this adaptation, implying that the Black Moon Clan is related in some way to Queen Beryl and her cause, since the Dark Kingdom members use the term "Nega-" as a common prefix (e.g. "negapower", "negahistory" or "negamonsters").

The Black Moon Clan members follow the pattern of the Dark Kingdom of using minerals as namesakes. Four key figures of the Clan use the four precious stones: ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond. The Ayakashi Sisters are named after minerals kermesite, berthierite, petzite and calaverite. The Boule Brothers do not follow this pattern; instead, they are named after the scientific terms chirality and achirality. However, the term 'boule' (sounded out in katakana) is accompanied by the kanji '人造宝石', literally meaning a "man-made gemstone"; synthetic/artificial gemstones; and the English term 'boule' means "A single crystal ingot produced by synthetic means".

Key figures[edit]

Prince Demand[edit]

Prince Demand (プリンス・デマンド, Purinsu Demando, also Prince Demande/Dimande, Prince Diamond) is the leader of Planet Nemesis in the 30th century. He is the older brother of Saphir.

Because of the Black Moon Clan's beliefs, Wiseman sought Demand out and convinced him to use the Malefic Black Crystal's power against Crystal Tokyo. Demand forms a plan to go back in time before the influence of Crystal Tokyo began, calling it "Operation: Replay", to create a new history. In the Black Moon Clan's initial attack on Crystal Tokyo, Neo-Queen Serenity rushes out of the Crystal Palace in search of her daughter, Chibiusa. Demand sees her and becomes obsessed. After comparing an angry look that Usagi gives him with the one he received from the Queen, Demand realizes they are the same person, and kidnaps Usagi, but she eventually manages to escape. Demand realizes that Wiseman is using him and turns on him. Saphir attacks him, and Demand is forced to kill his brother. He steals the Silver Crystal of the present from Usagi and the one of the future from Black Lady, and attempts to bring them together to destroy the time-space continuum, but Sailor Pluto uses her forbidden Time Stop attack and prevents it. After his plans fail, he attempted to kill Usagi, but is killed when she and Tuxedo Mask combine their powers against him.

In the first anime adaptation, Demand has a similar story, with some differences. He initially intends to reason with Neo-Queen Serenity, explaining that he and his people are descendants of criminals, not criminals themselves. It is Wiseman, and not Demand himself, who kills Saphir, because the latter told his older brother that Wiseman has been manipulating them. In the final confrontation, Usagi too tries to persuade Demand to see that he is being manipulated by Wiseman. Between what Sailor Moon said and what he remembered Saphir trying to tell him, Demand is then positive that Wiseman was using him. When Wiseman tries to kill Usagi, Demand shields her from Wiseman's damage. Though fatally injured, he musters up enough strength to temporarily subdue Wiseman. Demand begged Usagi for forgiveness, later dying in her arms.

In the anime reboot Sailor Moon Crystal, Demand's story closely follows that of the manga; however, he dies protecting Sailor Moon from Death Phantom, pretty much like he does in the first anime adaptation.

In the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game, Demand is encountered in the Moon Kingdom during Queen Beryl's invasion and ends up kidnapping Sailor Moon. Esmeraude mentions that Demand had the Barazuishou. When the Sailor Soldiers catch up to Demand, the group is attacked by Sin. When the Sailor Soldiers repel Sin, she manages to make a fatal blow on Demand quoting "That was for my mom and dad." Demand states that this is not the destiny he wanted and if he could've changed, it would have been so that there would not be any battles between the Black Moon Clan and Crystal Tokyo. Before he dies, he tells the Sailor Soldiers to head to the future for if the future does not change, the present will.

In the Japanese series, Prince Demand is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa until episode 41 of Sailor Moon R,[4] and by Mamoru Miyano in Crystal and all media since. In the DIC English adaptation, his name is changed to Prince Diamond and is voiced by Robert Bockstael. In the Viz Media English adaptation, he is voiced by Matthew Mercer. In the musical adaptation, he has been played by Hikari Ono. Hikari jokingly commented that she was given "this completely unfeminine prince role",[5] due to the fact that among cast members,[6] Hikari was known for playing male or androgynous roles. These include Hawk's Eye, Kou Taiki, and Loof Merrow.[7]

Crimson Rubeus[edit]

Crimson Rubeus (紅のルベウス, Kurenai no Rubeusu) is a red-haired human and the first member of the Black Moon Clan to appear in the 20th century. He is charged with finding a person codenamed "Rabbit", who had fled into the Tokyo of the past. Besides following the orders of Prince Demand and Wiseman, he leads his own set of minions, the Ayakashi Sisters.

He captures Sailors Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter but is unable to capture Sailor Venus. He is loyal to Prince Demand, appearing with him to taunt the captured Sailor Moon. Overhearing Neo Queen Serenity speaking through Sailor Moon, Rubeus realizes that there is more to Wiseman than what he sees and confronts him. He is mercilessly killed by Wiseman using Black Lady's powers when he attempted to warn Demand and Saphir about him. His warning didn't go unheard as Demand later discovered the truth of Wiseman's treachery.

In Sailor Moon R, Rubeus is the love interest to Kōan arrives and arrives in the present looking for Chibiusa. Despite the Ayakashi Sisters' love for Rubeus, he does not reciprocate their feelings and uses them as pawns. He attempts to kill the Ayakashi Sisters, but when they reform, Esmeraude warns Rubeus that Prince Demand is getting impatient with Rubeus' failures and plans to release him. Afterwards, Rubeus captures the Sailor Soldiers and has Sailor Moon bring the Silver Crystal in exchange for her friends. Sailor Moon comes to rescue them, and in the ensuing battle, Chibiusa destroys the crystal controlling his ship, and the Sailor Soldiers are freed and they return to Earth. Esmeraude reminds Rubeus that he has failed too many times and that she is assuming command, before leaving Rubeus to die in the explosion.

Rubeus appears as a boss in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game. He is encountered in the past outside of the Ark near the Temple of Venus in Rias.

In the anime, Crimson Rubeus was voiced by Wataru Takagi and by Hiroki Takahashi in Crystal. In the DIC English adaptation, he was voiced by Robert Tinkler. In the Viz Media English adaptation, he is voiced by Steve Cannon. In the musicals, Rubeus was portrayed by Hiroyuki Ichikawa and Riona Tatemichi.

Green Esmeraude[edit]

Green Esmeraude (翠のエスメロード, Midori no Esumerōdo) is a green-haired woman and the second of the Black Moon Clan to appear. She is a selfish and vain woman who tries to emanate a goddess-like appearance by wearing an elegant, tight-fitting dress along with opera-length gloves and knee-high stiletto boots. She has a distinctive laugh, loud and piercing, and is the most comedic member of the Black Moon.

Esmeraude is infatuated with Prince Demand. After failing to kill the Sailor Soldiers using her subordinates Chiral and Achiral, Esmeraude undertakes the mission "Code: Extra, Operation: Relax", and attempts to kill Chibiusa in the 30th century, but Sailor Venus intervenes. Sailor Moon unsuccessfully attempts to kill Esmeraude. Esmeraude uses her multiple hands to attack Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask. However, King Endymion's spirit appears behind Tuxedo Mask, allowing him to kill Esmeraude.

In the anime adaptation, Esmeraude warns Rubeus that Prince Demand is getting impatient with Rubeus' failures and plans to kick Rubeus out of his services. Esmeraude eventually succeeds Rubeus after leaving him to die. She is infatuated with Prince Demand, who is obsessed with Sailor Moon. Consumed by her jealousy and greed, Esmeraude goes to Wiseman to kill Sailor Moon. He presents her with a magical tiara, which transforms her into an evil dragon. She attacks the Crystal Palace while the Sailor Soldiers face her, and Sailor Moon eventually defeats the dragon. Esmeraude returns to her normal form and falls into a dark vortex to her death, causing her to disappear.

Esmeraude appears as a boss in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game. She is encountered in the past at the Kainess Ice Caves an optional boss where the Sailor Soldiers fight her in dragon form and then in normal form. She mentions that Prince Demand has the Barazuishou.

She is voiced by Mami Koyama and by Houko Kuwashima in Crystal. In the DIC English adaptation, her name is changed to Emerald and is voiced by Kirsten Bishop. In the Viz Media English adaptation, she is played by Rena S. Mandel. In the musical, she is played by Miki Kawasaki and Mitsumi Hiromura.

Blue Saphir[edit]

Blue Saphir (蒼のサフィール, Ao no Safīru, also Blue Sapphire) is the alchemist of the Black Moon Clan, and the younger brother of Prince Demand. He is more cautious and rational than his companions. He is the only member of the Clan that does not wear earrings made from Black Crystal, despite having invented them.[1][8]

Saphir prefers to work with droids (the most minor of the Black Moon Clan's minions) over serving his unpredictable, easily swayed older brother. He even attempts to question the intentions of Wiseman, and the wisdom of Prince Demand in listening to everything he says. Prince Demand reacts violently to this, accusing him of wanting the power for himself. When Prince Demand kidnaps Sailor Moon and brings her to his castle on Nemesis, she stumbles into Saphir's laboratory, where he admits that their plans were insensible and that she was guiltless, but attempts to kill her because he believes all conflict comes from her and the fearsome power of the Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon's power causes Nemesis to become unstable, and Saphir and Prince Demand are rescued by Black Lady, who leads them to Wiseman's castle. Wiseman attacks them with a mind controlling spell and loans Saphir the use of his "Demon Hands". When it is revealed that Demand's "Evil Eye" rendered him immune to Wiseman's spell, Saphir attacks him and is killed by his brother.

In the anime adaptation, Saphir grows up on bleak Nemesis with his brother, who promised him that one day they would go to Earth and he would show him real flowers. Saphir overhears the Wiseman talking about how he is only using Prince Demand and the others for his own goals and, barely escaping, Saphir steals the power of the Black Crystal and takes it to the Earth of the past. He is reunited with Petz, and aided by the Sailor Soldiers, but Wiseman kills him before he can warn his brother about the coming treachery. After he dies, the bandage on his head falls off, showing that his Black Moon symbol has disappeared and his firm transition to the side of good. Prince Demand carries his brother's body away.

In the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game, Saphir is encountered in the Moon Kingdom during Queen Beryl's invasion. He directs the Sailor Soldiers to the basement of the Moon Castle where Prince Demand is holding Sailor Moon. Saphir later sacrifices his life to protect Prince Demand from Sin.

Blue Saphir is voiced by Tsutomu Kashiwakura and by Tsubasa Yonaga in Crystal. In the DIC English adaptation, his name is changed to Sapphire and he is voiced by Lyon Smith. In the Viz Media English adaptation, he is played by Greg Felden. In the musicals, he is played by Yuri Kuroda and Sora Manami.

Death Phantom (Wiseman)[edit]

Death Phantom (デス・ファントム, Desu Fantomu), who calls himself Wiseman (ワイズマン, Waizuman), is an immortal form of Chaos from the future. Before the events of the series, Death Phantom was originally a human who lived in the city Crystal Tokyo, and possessed dark powers which he used to revive chaos and mayhem that the citizens of Crystal Tokyo had begun to forget after living peaceful lives. These powers were extending Beast Hands and his hypnotic Evil Sight. Death Phantom was later defeated by Neo-Queen Serenity, who banished him to the planet Nemesis where he will live out the rest of his days. But when Death Phantom died, his spirit and consciousness integrated into Nemesis, becoming the planet itself. He cloaked his decayed and crumbled human body to use his puppet body Wiseman to return to Earth in search for discontent among humans. He convinced a group of rebels that the 30th-century utopia of Crystal Tokyo was an abomination against nature, as all of its citizens were given immortality through the power of the Silver Crystal. Thus the Black Moon Clan was born with Wiseman providing them with shards of his Malefic Black Crystal. Wiseman led them in an attack on Crystal Tokyo, and then into the 20th century, Sailor Moon's current timeline, to obtain the Silver Crystal and kill Chibiusa to have his revenge upon Neo-Queen Serenity and the people of the Silver Millennium. Eventually, after Sailor Moon and Chibiusa attacked him with the Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal and Chibiusa's own Silver Crystal (which had been released from inside her via her tears of despair), Death Phantom is killed.

In the anime adaptation, the Black Moon Clan were the descendants of evil people who fled to Nemesis after having attacked Crystal Tokyo centuries before. Posing as Wiseman, Death Phantom approached Prince Demand and Saphir when they were younger. He manipulated the clan into gathering power for him, with the ultimate goal being the opening of the Dark Gate. He promised he could give them the power and ability to go to Earth and conquer it to avenge their ancestors whom Wiseman claimed had been shunned away to Nemesis by the people of Earth. Wiseman's influence warped the minds of his pawns until they carried out his true plan for the ultimate destruction of the planet Earth. Wiseman counsels Rubeus during his mission for a long time, but is unconcerned about his death. He humiliates Esmeraude when she comes to him asking to be the queen of Nemesis, and brings about her transformation into a dragon and, ultimately, her doom at the hands of Sailor Moon. He manipulates Chibiusa's childhood memories to make her into Black Lady. Wiseman kills Saphir when Saphir realizes that he and his brother have been lied to. He ultimately kills Prince Demand when Demand uses his body to shield Sailor Moon against an oncoming energy-blade from Wiseman. In the end, Death Phantom is killed, but Nemesis and its remaining inhabitants are saved.

He is voiced by Eiji Maruyama in the original series and by Hiroshi Iwasaki in Sailor Moon Crystal. In the DIC English adaptation, Wiseman is voiced by Tony Daniels. In the Viz Media English adaptation, he is voiced by Steve Kramer. In the 2000 musical Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady, he was portrayed by Kenji Tominaga.

Black Lady[edit]

Black Lady is the evil form of Chibiusa. Wiseman comes across the lonely Chibiusa, who is trying to find her place in the 30th Century, and tricks her into thinking nobody loves her by manipulating and twisting her memories of her family and friends that brings out her dark, malicious side, which triggers her transformation. As Chibiusa's dream is to become a beautiful lady like her mother, Black Lady's form is something like a femme fatale.

She is voiced by Kae Araki in the first series and by Misato Fukuen in Crystal. In the DIC English adaptation, Black Lady's name is changed to Wicked Lady and is voiced by Liz Brown. In the Viz Media adaptation, she is voiced by Sandy Fox.

Ayakashi Sisters[edit]

The Ayakashi Sisters (あやかしの四姉妹, Ayakashi no Yon Shimai) are a group of four humanoid women who are subordinates of Rubeus. Like the rest of the clan, they all have the Black Moon insignia and wear earrings made of Black Crystal.

The Ayakashi Sisters appear as the first line of offense in the Black Moon Clan's attack on Tokyo in the 20th century. They were sent back with the mission of attacking Sailor Moon's four guardian soldiers, to whom they appear to be more than a match for. The sisters are associated with things like UFOs, fortune telling, and communion with the dead. Each of the four sisters lures and attacks their counterpart Sailor Soldier in a very violent way before being killed by Sailor Moon. While each of the Sailor Soldiers are badly injured, Rubeus appears out of nowhere and captures them. The single exception to this is Calaveras, who is able to weaken Sailor Venus but as Rubeus had just been attacked, she is able to escape with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Rubeus does not seem very concerned in the end about the loss of the sisters.

In the anime adaptation, the four sisters appear more frequently, and thus their characters are expanded. They are tasked with capturing Chibiusa and attacking strategic points of what would eventually become Crystal Tokyo. Instead of taking up "weird" hobbies, they are portrayed as shallow superhuman girls, thus being equally as concerned over their beauty as their mission, splurging on fashion accessories, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and perfume, much to Rubeus's chagrin. The standoffs in the anime between the sisters and their counterparts begin to take place, except at the end each of the sisters is healed by Usagi's Silver Crystal. They also seem to be more evenly matched, power wise, in the anime compared to their Sailor Soldier counterparts. The four of them are healed by Sailor Moon, and they become regular humans and mourn their traumatic past on the Planet Nemesis while running a makeup stand.


Kōan (コーアン) is the youngest of the sisters and represents a counterpart of Sailor Mars. Her name is short for kōankō (紅安鉱, kermesite)and her attack is "Dark fire" which is called "Ice Fire" in the original dub.

Kōan tells Rubeus she feels someone like her that is kindred to fire and could be convinced to join the Black Moon. Rubeus gives her "Code: 001, Operation: Recruit" to convert humans to their cause. She poses as a student at T*A Girls Academy where Rei Hino attends and becomes the leader of the supernatural club called the Black Moon. Kōan sets up a fortune telling booth and tells her clients about how they will die. Rei confronts Kōan so she reveals her true self, while Rei transforms into Sailor Mars. In the ensuing battle, Kōan traps Sailor Mars with fire, but becomes the first sister to be killed by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

In Sailor Moon R, Kōan is very vain about her appearance to the point of swearing death upon anyone who smudges her make-up or ruins her hair, and she relies on her charms to get what she wants. She thinks that she and Rubeus are in a relationship, and competes with her sisters for his love. Kōan directly fights Sailor Mars and the others several times, with the climatic battle taking place at the Hikawa Shrine. After Kōan fails to capture Chibiusa, Rubeus reveals that she is a pawn and that he never loved her. Kōan snaps and attacks everyone in a blind rage, until Sailor Mars saves Kōan from getting hit by Sailor Jupiter, and convinces her that she is a good person that has been caught in a life of evil and that she deserves a second chance. She becomes the first sister purified with Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal. She later convinces each of her sisters to let Sailor Moon purify them.

Kōan appears as a boss in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game. She is encountered on one of the spaceships alongside the other Ayakashi Sisters.

In Japanese, Kōan is voiced by Wakana Yamazaki in Sailor Moon R and by Satsuki Yukino in Crystal. In the DiC English adaptation, her name is changed to Catzi and is first voiced by Alice Poon and later Mary Long. In the Viz Media English adaptation, she is voiced by Eden Riegel. In the musicals she is portrayed by Seiko Takuma and Hinami Someya.


Berthier (ベルチェ, Beruche) is the second youngest sister and represents a counterpart of Sailor Mercury. Her name is based on the mineral berthierite and her magical attack is "Dark water".

She fears Rubeus but has no love interest for him unlike her other sisters. Berthier is given the mission "Code: 002, Operation: Remove" to kill the Sailor Soldiers and capture Chibiusa. She disguises herself as a normal human and wows people with her dowsing abilities using a pendulum. When she sees Ami Mizuno find a leak in a pipe without using a pendulum, she deduces her identity as a Sailor Soldier. Skilled at chess, Berthier goes on television to challenge Ami to a chess match. At the match, a fight breaks out between Berthier, and Sailors Mercury, Moon and Jupiter. At the end, Berthier uses the water from a sewer to surround and choke Mercury, allowing Rubeus to capture her. Berthier is then killed by Usagi.

In Sailor Moon R, Berthier has a very darkly playful personality, but is shown to have great respect for all of her sisters. She is the only one shown to be upset when Kōan is purified by the Silver Crystal. As with Ami, she is also a strategist and is incredibly talented at chess, though she apparently also cheats. She confronts Sailor Mercury in a game of chess. However, she is mocked for her failure by Calaveras and Petz, but Kōan persuades her that she is still loved and has a second chance. Berthier allows Sailor Moon to heal her. Later, she and Kōan, along with the Sailor Soldiers, are able to convince their other two sisters to join them and become normal women.

Berthier appears as a boss in the Sailor Moon: Another Story video game. She is encountered on one of the spaceships alongside the other Ayakashi Sisters.

She is voiced by Yuri Amano in Sailor Moon R and by Rumi Kasahara in Crystal. In the DiC English adaptation, her name is changed to Bertie and she is voiced by Kathleen Laskey. In the Viz Media English adaptation, she is voiced by Cindy Robinson. She is the only sister that does not appear in the first version of Ankoku no Princess Black Lady musical, but does she appear in the revision portrayed by Manami Wakayama.


Petz (ペッツ, Pettsu) is the oldest of the four sisters and is a counterpart of Sailor Jupiter. She is named for the mineral petzite and her attack is "Dark thunder".

Petz is assigned "Code: 003, Operation: Renew" - where she is to infect Tokyo with viruses and replace the weakened citizens with Droids. Makoto is infected by one of the viruses and passes out in her apartment, and awakens to her double trying to choke her. She transforms and attacks it as Sailor Jupiter, revealing it to be a droid. Petz then arrives in her UFO and fights Sailor Jupiter, capturing her inside of a tornado she summons using the Black Crystal. Petz does not see the arrival of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, and she is killed from behind by Moon Princess Halation, though Rubeus still succeeds in kidnapping Jupiter.

In Sailor Moon R, Petz often clashes with Calaveras, but the majority of both women's operations end up with them working together. She is very proud and is willing to step on others to achieve personal glory and power. She also appears bitter over a past relationship and reacts strongly when Calaveras teases her about it. After the treachery of Kōan and Berthier, Rubeus gives her a stick and instructs her to use it to kill the Sailor Soldiers and reconvert her fallen sisters. The stick dramatically increases Petz's powers and also corrupts her personality; however, the Sailor Soldiers intervene. Rubeus appears and reveals he did not expect Petz to defeat the Soldiers and activates the stick to create a massive time-vacuum that threatens to pull in everyone around it. No longer possessed, Petz decides that she has enough power in her body to destroy the stick and jumps into the vortex to sacrifice herself to stop it. However, she is stopped by her other three sisters who convince her that they still love her. After the vortex is destroyed by the Sailor Soldiers, Petz is purified along with Calaveras. Later, Petz and her sisters soon discover a wounded Saphir, whom Petz tends to even though she at first thinks he came to punish her sisters. It is then that Petz and Saphir are revealed to have been romantically involved, and that Saphir is the person who caused Petz to be embittered about men. After Saphir is killed by Wiseman, Petz senses his death and is heartbroken, but remembers how he smiled for her.

Petz appears as a boss in the Sailor Moon: Another Story video game. She is encountered on one of the spaceships alongside the other Ayakashi Sisters.

In Japanese, Petz is voiced by Megumi Ogata in Sailor Moon R,[9] and by Wasabi Mizuta in Crystal. In the DIC English adaptation, her name is changed to "Prizma" and is voiced by Norma Dell'Agnese. In the Viz Media English adaptation, she is voiced by Jessica Gee. Petz is one of two female characters in the musical series to have been portrayed by trans woman actress Karen Yoda,[10] and in another musical she is portrayed by Ai Ikegami.


Calaveras (カラベラス, Karaberasu) is the second oldest of the sisters and is a counterpart of Sailor Venus. She is named for the mineral calaverite and her attack is "Dark beauty".

Her mission is "Code: 004, Operation: Rebirth." Calaveras is the only sister who Rubeus appears to flirt with. She is shown to have the power of channeling, and channels the spirit of Rubeus into Tokyo to brainwash the humans and change their allegiance from the White Moon to the Black Moon and to get them to destroy the Silver Crystal. When Minako confronts her at the channeling, Calaveras channels the three captive Sailor Soldier through Naru Osaka, Ittou Asanuma and Kotono Sarashina, as well as the spirits of her dead sisters, and has them use a Spirit Attack against Minako and holds her captive. However, because Rubeus was already injured by Mamoru, he is not able to capture Minako, and Calaveras is killed by Usagi when she comes to rescue Minako.

In Sailor Moon R, Calaveras is a petty woman who indulges in relentlessly teasing her other siblings, especially Petz. She also appears unwilling to do anything for herself. She never accepts a single mission and instead tags along on several of Petz's missions. Even her final mission is one of Petz's, in which the elder sister was asked to use a powerful stick to kill the Sailor Soldiers and reclaim her now purified siblings Kōan and Berthier. While on the mission, Petz, corrupted by the stick, attempts to kill everyone, Calaveras included. Shocked by Petz's treachery, Calaveras is shown pity by Sailor Moon and eventually comes to understand human love. She then tells the other Sailor Soldiers about the stick's power. When Rubeus arrives and uses the stick to create a time-vacuum on the bridge, Calaveras stops Petz from falling into the vortex by catching her sister using her whip. After the Sailor Soldiers destroy the stick, Calaveras accepts purification and becomes a normal human woman.

Calaveras appears as a boss in the Sailor Moon: Another Story video game. She is encountered on one of the spaceships alongside the other Ayakashi Sisters.

In Japanese, she is voiced by Akiko Hiramatsu in Sailor Moon R, and by Tomoe Hanba in Crystal. In the DIC English adaptation, her name is changed to "Avery" and is voiced by Jennifer Griffiths. In the Viz Media English adaptation, she is voiced by Cassandra Morris. In the musicals, she is portrayed by Ado Endoh.


Boule Brothers[edit]

The Boule Brothers (人造宝石ブラザーズ(ブールブラザーズ), Būru Burazāzu) Chiral (キラル, Kiraru) and Achiral (アキラル, Akiraru) are two Black Moon Clan members who are under the service of Green Esmeraude, even appearing on her page in the Materials Collection art book.[1]

The brothers' mission is "Code: 005, Operation: Remake." They greet the Sailor Soldiers when they arrive in Crystal Tokyo. They create a replica of the Crystal Palace as a trap. When Sailor Moon attacks them, she is paralyzed by a magnetic field from a man-made crystal at her feet. Tuxedo Mask destroys the crystal by willing it to break, and the brothers are killed.

In Sailor Moon R, the brothers grow "Dark Henges" at Jūban Park and Jūban Elementary School. They cause all of the pupils and teachers at the school to fight each other. They attack Chibiusa's best friend, Momoko Momohara. The Sailor Soldiers fight off Chiral and Achiral, but are at a disadvantage until Chibiusa unleashes her power and attacks them after Momoko takes a hit while trying to protect Chibiusa. They are finally destroyed by Sailor Moon with her Moon Princess Halation attack. In the DIC English dub, they are called "Doom and Gloom".

Chiral and Achiral are respectively voiced by Masashi Ebara and Ryotaro Okiayu in the original series, and by Wataru Hatano and Kazunari Tanaka in Sailor Moon Crystal and all media since. In the Viz Media English adaptation, Chiral is voiced by Doug Erholtz and Achiral is voiced by Kyle Hebert.

Spotted Tilmun[edit]

Spotted Tilmun (斑のティルムン, Mura no Tirumun) was a musical-only character who appeared only in Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady. He was a member of the Black Moon Clan. Although it was never explained why, he had a half crescent moon on his forehead, for which Esmeraude looked down on him. He shared a friendship with Aaron and Manna because they were misfits within the Clan. When the Black Moon Clan held a contest to lure out the Sailor Soldiers, he acted as the announcer under the name "Roppongi Tilmun." When Death Phantom began killing the Black Moon members, Tilmun died protecting Aaron and Manna.

He was played by Ikuya Moro. The character did not appear in the revision.

Aaron and Manna[edit]

Aaron (アロン, Aron) and Manna (マナ, Mana) were musical-only characters who appeared only in Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady. They are twin girls belonging to the Black Moon Clan. Neither have the Black Moon symbol on their foreheads, and the acceptance into the clan as full members is a minor plot in the musical Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady and its revision. Aaron and Manna wear inverted costumes, Aaron wears purple while Manna wears red. They had parents from Nemesis and Earth. They are sent by Wiseman to convince Chibiusa that nobody cares for her. When given a rose each by Tuxedo Mask, the two begin to have doubts about invading Earth. When Tuxedo Mask is seduced by Black Lady, Aaron and Manna give him back the roses, breaking the spell and distracting Black Lady long enough for Tuxedo Mask to take her Silver Crystal. They are killed by Wiseman after Black Lady is reverted to Chibiusa.

Aaron is played by Nagisa Adaniya and Manna by Kasumi Suzuki.


The Droids (ドロイド, Doroido) are the Black Moon Clan's army of monsters of the week. The droids are robot-like creatures resembling sand figurines; they have no eyes or mouths, and they can only produce screeching noises rather than words.[1] The droids were manufactured by Saphir, using the power of the Black Crystal, and are all similar in shape and form; however, they are able to take on the guise of humans.

In the first anime adaptation, all of the droids are individuals with feminine forms, and all can talk. When they are destroyed, they dissolve into a pile of sand, implying that they are similar to their manga counterparts, though they also produce a gemstone with the Clan's moon on it that fades away after its defeat.

Veneti and Aquatici[edit]

Veneti (ヴェネティ, Veneti) and Aquatici (アクアティキ, Akuatiki) are a pair of Droids that appear in the manga, the musicals, and Sailor Moon Crystal. They are considered perfect creations by Saphir. Usagi stumbles onto the Black Crystal Reactor where she is attacked by Veneti and Aquatici alongside Saphir. The two Droids are destroyed by the overflowing energy of golden light from Usagi and the crystal encasing Neo-Queen Serenity. In the manga, unlike all other droids, Veneti and Aquatici are wisp-like beings, while in the musicals they are humanoid. Veneti has a masculine form in the manga while Aquatici has a feminine form, but it is unknown if they have genders. They are both female, or at least played by female actors, in the musical. In the musicals, Veneti was played by Izumi Ogino and Aquatici was played by Yuka Kuwahara.


The members of the Black Moon Clan are called by Navok and Rudranath "a separatist faction" that not only refused to live under the reign of Neo-Queen Serenity, but were also manipulated by Wiseman into destroying Tokyo in the past in order to prevent the founding of Crystal Tokyo.[11] The authors also compare Black Moon's attack on Crystal Tokyo with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.[12]

In the second official Sailor Moon popularity poll, out of fifty choices, Black Lady was ranked the thirteenth most popular character in the series, Berthier was nineteenth, Green Esmeraude was twenty fourth, Prince Demand was twenty eighth, Kōan was thirtieth, Blue Saphir was thirty first, Calaveras was thirty third, Petz was thirty fourth, Wiseman was thirty fifth, Crimson Rubeus was fortieth, Aquatici was forty fourth, Veneti was forty fifth, Chiral was forty sixth, and Achiral was forty seventh.[13]

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