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A photograph of Led Zeppelin
Compilation album with interview tracks by Led Zeppelin
Released 21 September 1990 (1990-09-21)
Recorded 1990
Genre Interview
Length 63:00
Label Atlantic
Producer David Bailes, Yves Beauvais, Perry Cooper, Judy Libow, and Neer Perfect Productions
Led Zeppelin chronology
Led Zeppelin Boxed Set
Led Zeppelin Remasters

Profiled is an interview album by English rock band Led Zeppelin, released by Atlantic Records on 21 September 1990. Profiled was a promo-only interview album made to accompany the Led Zeppelin Boxed Set. In 1992, it was commercially released as part of the special edition Led Zeppelin Remasters boxed set.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Led Zeppelin Profile" This track is a compilation of various portions of the following interviews, and lengthy selections from songs. 28:05
  1. Jimmy Page
  2. Robert Plant
  3. Jon Paul Jones
  4. "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do"
  5. Jimmy Page
  6. "Moby Dick"/"Bonzo's Montreux"
  7. John Paul Jones
  8. Robert Plant
  9. "Kashmir"
  10. Jimmy Page
  11. "White Summer"/"Black Mountain Side"
2–8. "Station Liners" These are brief generic soundbites recorded by Jimmy Page for playing on the radio (e.g. "I'm Jimmy Page, and I'm ready to rock.") 0:23
9–20. "Interview: Jimmy Page"
21–32. "Interview: Robert Plant"
33–43. "Interview: John Paul Jones"


  • John Paul Jones
  • Jimmy Page
  • Robert Plant
  • Dan Neer - interviewer
  • DeWitt Nelson - interview
  • Valerie Alter – remote recordings
  • David Bailes – production
  • Yves Beauvais – executive producer
  • Fun Cheung – assistance
  • Perry Cooper – executive producer
  • James Fahey – remote recordings
  • Judy Libow – executive producer
  • Neer Perfect Productions – production
  • Jodi Rovin – art direction