Since I've Been Loving You

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"Since I've Been Loving You"
Song by Led Zeppelin
from the album Led Zeppelin III
Released 5 October 1970 (1970-10-05)
Recorded 1970
Studio Island, London
Genre Blues rock[1][2]
Length 7:25
Label Atlantic
Producer(s) Jimmy Page
Audio sample

"Since I've Been Loving You" is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, released in 1970 on the album Led Zeppelin III.


"Since I've Been Loving You" was one of the first songs prepared for the Led Zeppelin III album.[3] The song was recorded live in the studio with very little overdubbing. It was reportedly the hardest to record.[4] Audio engineer Terry Manning called it "The best rock guitar solo of all time."[5] John Paul Jones played Hammond organ on the song, using the bass pedals for the bassline.[6][7]

This recording was done using John Bonham's Ludwig Speed King model #201, the drum pedal he used for his entire career and which was known as the "Squeak King" because of the excessive squeaking that can be heard on some recordings, especially on this track.[8]

Page commented:

The only real problem I can remember encountering was when we were putting the first boxed set together. There was an awfully squeaky bass drum pedal on 'Since I've Been Loving You'. It sounds louder and louder every time I hear it! [laughs]. That was something that was obviously sadly overlooked at the time.[8]

The opening and closing lyrics of "Since I've Been Loving You" are nearly identical to the 1968 Moby Grape song "Never".[9] The song is a slow blues in the key of C minor.[10] It uses the 12 bar chord minor progression known as "quick-change".

Reception and accolades[edit]

In a contemporary review of Led Zeppelin III, Lester Bangs of Rolling Stone wrote that the track "represents the obligatory slow and lethally dull seven-minute blues jam."[11]

In contrast, guitarist Joe Satriani enthused: "'Since I've Been Loving You' was a perfect example of taking a blues structure but striking out on your own. They were breaking ground, not copying. I love that Page would always just go for it. Some other guitarist might have better technique, but what Page did would always trump it because the spirit was so overwhelming. Whatever he did would turn into a technique."[12]

Publication Country Accolade Year Rank
Sounds Germany "The Top 30 Songs of All Time"[13] 1992 16
Mojo United Kingdom "100 Great Voices"[14] 1994 *
Guitarist United Kingdom "Top 100 Guitar Solos of All-time"[15] 1998 8
Guitar World United States "100 Greatest Solos of All-time"[16] 1998 53
Q United Kingdom "1010 Songs You Must Own!"[17] 2004 *

(*) designates unordered lists.


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