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Promessa Organic AB is a Swedish company with headquarters in Göteborg, Sweden. The founder, biologist Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak has within this Company since 2001, and its Foundation since 2005, tried to developing and providing a new form of ecological burial, named promession, based on a patented biological concept and technical device.[1]

The company was liquidated in recent years -

The theory behind promession involves exposure to LIN (liquid nitrogen), a short mechanical vibration, turning the remains to a powder, thereafter freeze-drying and metal separation. It all takes place in a closed, fully automatized equipment, named Promator. The remains are after this preparation, placed in a specially designed biodegradeable casket, which is then buried in the top soil. A memorial tree, smaller plant or bush can be placed at the burial spot. Within a year, the contents have decomposed and turned into soil, nourishing the newly planted memorial.

Promessa and Susanne Wiigh Masak have applied for several patents for the kind of processes described above but none of them were ever granted. The applications are on Google patents and the reference numbers are CA2393368A1, US20060154356A1 and US20030008017A1. One granted patent can be found in the name of Promessa and / or Susanne Wiigh Masak but it is not for the methods described in this article and it is not clear that it would work or be practicable on a human corpse - "Method and device for treating organic matter" EP20000983635.

There is no reference anywhere to be found on the worldwide web at the current time to a Promator having been sold or being in use anywhere in the world yet. The technical proof of concept referred to above is not published anywhere. There is no data supplied by Promessa / Susanne Wiigh Masak as to the amount of force needed for the "short mechanical vibration" to reduce a human corpse frozen in liquid nitrogen to -196C to dust. It would most likely be considerable and prolonged if one takes a look at this: .

Several corpses were kept in deep freezers in anticipation of a promator in Jonkoping, Sweden, but it never happened.

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