Pucacuro National Reserve

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Pucacuro National Reserve
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Location Peru, Loreto Region, Loreto Province, Tigre District
Nearest city Colombia, Putumayo Department, Puerto Leguizamo
Coordinates 2°26′53″S 75°20′29″W / 2.44806°S 75.34139°W / -2.44806; -75.34139Coordinates: 2°26′53″S 75°20′29″W / 2.44806°S 75.34139°W / -2.44806; -75.34139
Area 637,953.83 ha (1,576,411.9 acres, 2463.15 mi2, 6379.54 km2) [1]
Established April 21, 2005 (R.M. Nº 0411-2005-AG)
Governing body Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales (INRENA)

The Pucacuro National Reserve (Spanish: Reserva Nacional Pucacuro) is a protected area in Peru located in the Loreto Region, Loreto Province, Tigre District.

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