Put Yourself in My Place (Motown song)

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"Put Yourself in My Place" is a song written by the Motown team of Holland–Dozier–Holland and recorded by at least four Motown recording acts during the sixties: The Elgins in 1965, The Supremes, Chris Clark and The Isley Brothers in 1966.


The Elgins and Supremes' versions were both issued as B-Sides in 1966, but in 1969, the Isleys' version gave the brothers a hit with it when Tamla Motown re-issued the single for the British market after they had left the company and just scored a US million-seller, "It's Your Thing" for their own T-Neck label. The song went to #13 on the UK Singles Chart, higher than their American big hit of the same year. Similarly, a 1971 Tamla Motown reissue of The Elgins' version as an A side (as a follow-up to their then-recent UK Top 3 hit, "Heaven Must Have Sent You") gave the group a Top 30 hit (#28).


The Elgins' version[edit]

  • Lead vocals by Saundra Mallett Edwards
  • Backing vocals by Johnny Dawson, Cleo "Duke" Miller, and Norman McLean
  • Instrumentation by The Funk Brothers [1]

The Supremes' version[edit]

The Isley Brothers' version[edit]

Chris Clark version[edit]


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