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Centris / Quadra 610 / Power Macintosh 6100
Macintosh Quadra 610.jpg
Release date February 10, 1993
Introductory price 2520
Discontinued July 18, 1994
Operating system System 7.1 to Mac OS 8.1; 9.1 with PowerPC upgrade
CPU Motorola 68LC040 or 68040 @ 20 or 25 MHz
Memory 4 or 8 MB, expandable to 68 MB (80 ns 72-pin SIMM)

The Macintosh Quadra 610 and Macintosh Centris 610 are two closely related personal computers that are a part of Apple Computer's Quadra and Centris series of Macintosh computers, respectively. When the Centris 610 was introduced in February 1993 alongside the larger Centris 650, it was intended as the start of the new midrange Centris line of computers. However, that proved confusing, and the Centris 610 was renamed to Quadra 610 in October 1993, and the CPU was upgraded from a 20 MHz 68LC040 to a full 68040 at 25 MHz - although there was one configuration, the Quadra 610 8/160, that retained the 68LC040. The Quadra 610 was discontinued in favor of the Quadra 630 in July 1994.

The 610 came in a new "pizza box" case which was also used for the Centris / Quadra 660AV and the Power Macintosh 6100. The Quadra 610 was also available in a "DOS compatible" model with an additional 486SX processor at 25 MHz on a Processor Direct Slot card.

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Preceded by
Macintosh Quadra 610
March 2, 1987
Succeeded by
Macintosh Quadra 630
Macintosh Quadra 660AV
Power Macintosh 6100