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Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s) The Grisons
Association Raetia Football Association
(Fussballauswahl Raetia)
Confederation NF-Board, ConIFA
Head coach Alen Bratelj
Captain Serkan Karamese
First colours
Second colours
First international

 Chagos Islands 6–1 Raetia Raetia

(Crawley, UK; December 4, 2011)
Biggest win

Raetia Raetia 6–0 Franconia Flagge franken.svg

(Chur, Switzerland; September 5, 2015)
Biggest defeat

 Gozo 17–1 Raetia Raetia

(Xewkija, Malta; January 14, 2012)

The Raetian national football team (German: Fussballauswahl Raetia) represents Raetia in NF-Board association football. The current head coach is Pascal Amrein. The Raetia National Team is commonly referred to as The Grisons.[1]


Raetia's first game was played in December 2011 against the Chagos Islands national football team.[2][3] The second game took place in January 2012 on the island of Gozo against Gozo.[4][5]

The first home game was on May 26, 2012 against the fifth Team of FC St. Pauli in Domat/Ems and Raetia won 6 to 0.

Raetia was qualified to play the 2012 VIVA World Cup in the northern Iraqi region of Kurdistan. In the group matches they gained a victory against Tamil Eelam and a loss to Zanzibar the 2nd rank and missed the semi-finals only because of goal difference.[6][7]

On 6 September 2015 Raetia beat Franconia 6-0 and qualified for the 2016 ConIFA World Football Cup in Abkhazia.

National Anthem[edit]

The National Anthem of Raetia is "A Tgalaveina":[8]

Udis il clom en la vallada?
Si, si vus umens dils cumins!
La libertad el smanatschada,
Igl inimitg ei sils confins.

Fontana muoss'a nus la via atras
Ils flugs //dils battagliuns//.
Plitost la mort che sclaveria
Ei la parola dils Grischuns.

Players & Manager[edit]


Year Nationality Name
2011 Switzerland Rudolf Schmid
2011-2012 Switzerland Gian-Marco Schmid
2012 Switzerland Ursin Caviezel
2012-2014 Switzerland Costatino Demenga
2014-2015 Switzerland Kosovo Arsim Ramizi
2015-2016 Switzerland Croatia Alen Bratelj
2016- Switzerland Pascal Amrein

Competitive record[edit]