Hazur Rai Saligram Bahadur

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Hazur Rai Saligram Bahadur, popularly known as Huzur Maharaj ji, was born in Peepal Mandi, Agra, on 14 March 1829. He served as chief inspector of post offices in British India, and, in 1881, was Postmaster-General of the North-Western Provinces, based in Allahabad. He was the first Indian to hold the position.

He came in contact with his guru, Shiv Dayal Singh, in 1858 in Agra. He had a deep faith in his guru and became a follower of the Radha Soami spiritual movement. He served Singh for many years and, after Singh's death, he retired from his job and took up the role of guru in Agra. He died on 6 December 1898.


Huzur Maharaj published the writings of Shiv Dayal Singh as well as his own writings. He wrote following books:[1]

  • Prem Patra Radhasoami (Six volumes)
  • Prem Bani Radhasoami
  • Radhasoami Mat-Prakash (English)
  • Radhasoami Mat-Sandesh
  • Radhasoami Mat-Upadesh
  • Sar-Upadesh
  • Nij-Upadesh
  • Guru-Upadesh
  • Jugat Prakash

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