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Raisio Group
Public limited company
Traded as Nasdaq HelsinkiRAIVV
Nasdaq HelsinkiRAIKV
Industry Food industry
Founded 1939
Headquarters Raisio, Finland
Revenue €436 million (2016)[1]
€50.7 million (2016)[1]
Number of employees
1400 (2016)[1]
Divisions Raisioagro, Ravintoraisio
Website www.raisio.com

Raisio Oyj, known internationally as Raisio Group (Nasdaq HelsinkiRAIVV), is a Finnish company that makes cereal products and animal feeds and engages in life-sciences. The headquarters are located in Raisio, Finland.

Raisio has production sites in four countries and in 12 locations. The Group's key market areas are Finland, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic. Markets for the Benecol ingredient are global.[2]

Raisio food factory in Raisio, Finland


Brands division[edit]

The main products of the Brands division include breakfast, snack and baking products, cholesterol-lowering functional foods, the ingredient of plant stanol ester in Benecol products as well as activities related to the international commercialisation of the Benemilk innovation. The most recognised food brands are Benecol, Elovena, Provena, Sunnuntai, Honey Monster, Nordic, Fox's, Poppets and Juicee Gummee.[3]

Raisioagro division[edit]

Raisioagro’s focus is on cattle and fish feeds, grain trade and online store. Raisioagro's most recognised feed brands are Benemilk, Maituri and Hercules. They are commercialized mainly in Finland.[4]


In its strategical phases Raisio moved in 2010 to the growth phase that is still continuing. Raisio is growing organically and through acquisitions. The core of Raisio's strategy includes innovations and healthy, ecological snacks. Raisio’s innovations include the cholesterol-lowering Benecol as well as Benemilk with its ability to increase milk yield and improve contents of milk.[5][6]


The company was established in 1939 in Finland. Raisio got its start as Oy Vehnä Ab, a mill founded by Finnish wheat farmers to grind the wheat grown by its shareholders and to market the flour.

Acquisitions and divestments[edit]

In 2004, the company divested its paper chemical division, Raisio Chemicals, to Ciba Specialty Chemicals.[7] In 2009, Raisio sold its margarine business to Bunge Limited.[8][9] Raisio Group acquired the British food company Glisten in 2010.[10] The next year, Raisio acquired Big Bear.[11] In November 2014 Raisio acquired the Benecol business from the affiliates of Johnson & Johnson in the UK, Ireland and Belgium and amended the agreement on the Northern American markets of Benecol.[12] In 2016 Raisio divested its snack bar business in the UK[13].


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