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Ramona Thieme Mercer (born October 4, 1929) is the author of a mid-range nursing theory known as maternal role attainment. Mercer has contributed many works to the refinement of this theory and is credited as a nurse-theorist. She was the Nahm Lecturer 1984 at the University of California.[1]


Mercer earned a diploma from St. Margaret’s School of Nursing in Montgomery, Alabama. She earned an undergraduate degree in nursing with distinction from the University of New Mexico in 1962, followed by a master's degree in maternal child nursing from Emory University in 1964. For ten years, she worked as a staff nurse, head nurse and instructor. She was a faculty member at Emory University for five years until she left to pursue doctoral studies in maternity nursing at the University of Pittsburgh.

Honors and awards[edit]

1988: Distinguished Research Lectureship Award, Western Society for Research in Nursing (inaugural award)
2003: Living Legend, American Academy of Nursing
2004: Distinguished Alumni Award, University of New Mexico College of Nursing


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