Remington Spartan 453

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Remington Spartan 453
Гладкоствольное самозарядное ружьё МР-153.jpg
A Remington Spartan 453 on display
Type Shotgun
Place of origin Russia
Production history
Designer Konstantin Evseev
Designed 1999
Manufacturer Izhevsk Mechanical Plant
Produced 2006 - 2008 [1]

SPR453 MO New Break Up

SPR453 Synthetic [1]
Weight 8 to 8¼ pounds
Length 45½ inches
Barrel length 24, 26 or 28 inches

Caliber 12 gauge [1]
Action semi-automatic gas operated [1]
Feed system 4-round internal tube magazine
Sights Bead

The Remington Spartan 453 is a semi-automatic gas operated. It is a variant of a popular Russian shotgun MP-153 manufactured by Izhevsk Mechanical Plant for export under trademak "Baikal", in Izhevsk, Russia. It is marketed and distributed by Remington.[2] The Spartan 453 is inexpensive compared to other semi-automatic shotguns. It is most often used for hunting birds, and for clay target games such as trap and skeet. Remington ceased importing the shotgun in 2008.


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