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The following are reportedly haunted locations in Pennsylvania:


Gettysburg, the location of one of the most historic battles in the Civil War, is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in Pennsylvania.[1] Many paranormal teams have traveled to Gettysburg from across the world in attempt to contact the dead, like Union and Confederate soldiers. The Ghost Adventures team traveled to the Gettysburg battle fields, and used the 'heat detection' option on their camcorder to record what looked to be a Union soldier walking into the woods and disappearing.[citation needed]

Farnsworth House Inn
  • The Farnsworth House Inn is reported to be haunted by the ghosts of women, children, cats, a nurse named Mary, and Confederate soldiers, most notably a soldier named Walter who is known to harm women.[3]
  • Gettysburg College has reportedly been the site of much paranormal activity. One story is of two administrators who took the elevator in Pennsylvania Hall. It went past their floor to the basement. When it stopped and the elevator door opened, the pair saw a live hospital scene devoid of sound. They desperately pressed the button to close the door, and claim one of the orderlies looked up at them just before it closed.[4]
  • The Jennie Wade House is reputed to be haunted by orphaned children.[3]
Little Round Top viewed from near Devil's Den in 2015.
  • Several stories persist of paranormal activity at Little Round Top. One such story involves American Civil War re-enactors who worked as extras on the film Gettysburg. They claim to have been visited by a man in a Union soldier uniform who they assumed worked on the movie. He passed them ammunition and left. The men assumed the ammunition was blank rounds but later realized it was musket rounds. Later, they learned the ammunition dated back to the Civil War and was in pristine condition.[4][5]
Sachs Covered Bridge
  • Near the Sachs Covered Bridge, there have been sightings of a ghostly battle within a sudden fog.[4]
  • The Slaughter Pen is said to be haunted by a little girl in a white dress.[2]
  • The Soldiers National Museum is allegedly haunted by Rosa Carmichael, who operated the American Civil War-era orphanage that used to be on the site.[6]
  • The Tillie Pierce House allegedly has a shadow play and a mysterious boom that reverberates through the house every night at 3:02 a.m.[7]
  • It has been reported that at Triangular Field cameras will fail to operate without reason, and the sounds of battle are recorded while such activity is not present.[2]


  • On foggy nights on Allens Lane, there have been sightings of a decapitated American Revolutionary War soldier riding horseback and carrying his severed head.[8]
  • Baleroy Mansion in Chestnut Hill is said to be haunted by at least seven ghosts that appear as full body apparitions and as poltergeist activity, sometimes as ectoplasm. One chair is said to be cursed and those that sit in it die shortly afterward. The ghost of Thomas Jefferson reportedly haunts the dining room, standing beside a tall clock.[9]
  • It is suggested that the Betsy Ross House is haunted by the spirit of its namesake.[9][10]
  • Visitors to the Bishop White House claim to see the ghosts of an elderly housekeeper on the first floor, a meowing cat, and a tall, thin man on the third floor.[11]
  • At the grave of Benjamin Franklin at Christ Church, visitors leave pennies because of the founding father's quote, "A penny saved is twopence dear." However, visitors have also reported being struck by pennies near the grave by an unseen force.[8]
  • City Tavern is said to be haunted by a waiter and a young bride.[12]
  • Cliveden Manor is believed to be haunted by Continental soldiers that died in the Battle of Germantown and an elderly woman searching for her head, which was severed by a crazed Continental soldier.[8]
Interior of the Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Eastern State Penitentiary is reported to have apparitions, perhaps hundreds, walk its corridors. Infamous resident Al Capone was said to be haunted by the ghost of James Clark, slain under orders of Capone in the Saint Valentine's Day massacre. The guard tower is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a guard. Cell Block 12 is credited as the site's most haunted location featuring shadow mass figures.[9][13][14][15][16]
  • The First Bank of the United States is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Alexander Hamilton.[8]
  • Fort Mifflin is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Colonial soldiers, most notably a soldier named Amos that has reportedly been seen multiple times cleaning his gun by the artillery shed, a lamplighter has been seen striding about the soldiers' barracks, and there have been sightings of ghosts in the Casemates, one allegedly faceless. Sounds have been heard, like the sound of Jacob Sauer's Blacksmith shop and a screaming lady in the officers' quarters.[9][17]
  • Grumblethorpe is believed to be haunted by James Agnew and an orphan of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 named Justinia. Her sightings are usually accompanied by the smell of baking bread, her passion in life.[8]
  • The Hag of Pine Street is said to be an elderly woman that died in her home on Pine Street. She is said to haunt the area, either glaring out of her home's window or yelling and swiping her cane at young people in the streets of Society Hill.[11][18]
  • Claims persist of ghosts and paranormal mists that explore Independence Hall. People have claimed to see the spirits of Benedict Arnold and Benjamin Franklin.[8][9]
  • Library Hall features a statue of Benjamin Franklin which some have claimed comes to life and dances in the streets. Further, it is said the founding father's specter can be see in the facility with an armful of books and one woman claimed he pinched her buttocks.[9][11]
  • Pennsylvania Hospital reportedly has a statue of William Penn that occasionally, when under a full moon, descends its pedestal and walks the grounds.[9]
  • It is claimed that the Treehouse Building, The Pennrose Building, and the John Penn House at the Philadelphia Zoo experience paranormal activity including full body apparitions and poltergeist activity. It is said that the spirit of a woman in a long dress can be seen standing atop the main staircase of the John Penn House.[19]
  • It's claimed Physick Mansion is haunted by the namesake's wife, reportedly seen weeping in the yard near the site of her beloved tree that was chopped down shortly before her demise.[11]
First floor front parlor of the Powel House in 1967.

Other area hauntings[edit]

  • Amy Davin's House in West Philadelphia, PA is the site where an old woman died. A new couple moved in, and they reported their possessions were moved by an unseen force, as well as a female ghost that watched them as they slept.
  • Albertus L. Meyers Bridge in Allentown is the site of around 80 documented suicides over the course of a hundred years.[21] People have claimed to have seen ghosts on the bridge.
Mishler Theatre in summer of 1989.
  • Mishler Theatre in Altoona is said to be haunted by Isaac Mishler, a howling dog, and a woman that creates mischief in the restroom.[22]
  • Lebanon Valley College in Annville Township, a little girl thought to have been killed in a car accident or by a train is said to haunt the Mary Capp Green residence hall, often manifesting as disembodied giggling or the sound of a ball bouncing.[23]
  • Growden Mansion (Trevose Manor) in Bensalem, Pennsylvania is said to host the specter of Benjamin Franklin, flying his kite in his effort to discover electricity.[8]
  • Pen Ryn Mansion and the accompanying grounds in Bensalem are said to be haunted by Robert Bickley and a woman who is believed to be his girlfriend (the latter seen atop a black horse and wielding a whip). It is claimed that every December 24th Robert is seen walking the grounds and raps desperately on the doors and windows of the houses while the woman whips those that come near and rides through crowds.[8]
  • The Outside In School in Bolivar, has claims of a ghost of a Native American girl who haunts the school's campus, which is next to her stone marked grave. Students and staff have reported unexplained sights and sounds of her ghostly torment. One unexplained death of a child, who was hiking the campus perimeter, is believed to be caused by her ghost.[24]
  • Along the Brandywine River around the site of the Battle of Brandywine, the ghosts of horses and soldiers along with the sounds of battle have reportedly been witnessed.[8]
Cashtown Inn
  • Cashtown Inn, a historic bed & breakfast in Cashtown is where the ghost of a Confederate soldier from the Civil War is seen walking around the hallway and bar area. It was featured in an episode of Ghost Hunters where the team investigated the inn's documented paranormal activity.[25]
  • Thornbury Farm in Chadds Ford Township is reputedly haunted by a mischievous little girl that can be heard sobbing.[26]
  • Hotel Conneaut in Conneaut Lake is where multiple apparitions are reported, including a young boy, a butcher, and a bride named Elizabeth who died in a fire at the hotel in 1943.[27]
  • 1217 Marion Street in Dunmore was described in real estate listings as "Slightly haunted. Nothing serious, though." It reportedly has a strange knocking sound, and very quiet screams can be heard once or twice a week. There have been rare appearances of a ghost in the second floor bathroom mirror, and a disembodied voice in the nursery allegedly calms children.[28]
  • The Brinton Lodge in Douglassville is a reputedly haunted house. The original structure, built in the early 18th century, was a one-room building which was operated as a tavern/roadhouse stop along the Schuylkill River Canal System. It was later expanded into a summer home, remodeled into a gentlemen's club, then operated as a bar and restaurant until recently. It is currently being preserved as a house museum, which holds fundraising events including a Halloween haunted house. Legend has it that at least five spirits inhabit this property, including Caleb Brinton, "Dapper Dan", an older woman, and a "lady in white".[29]
Fairfield Inn
  • The Fairfield Inn in Fairfield is reportedly haunted by multiple ghosts including mischievous soldiers in the kitchen, an old man in the dining area, and a woman that opens doors on the third floor.[3]
  • Crier in the Country Restaurant in Glen Mills was said to host a residual haunting of dinner parties. Former owner, the late Lydia Powell who is believed to have engaged in poltergeist activity in life, was said to physically manifest.[9] The restaurant was demolished in 2018.
  • Heilbron Manor in Glen Mills was the setting for the novel, Night Stalks the Mansion. A location that was plagued with sorrow and bad luck, the home burnt down and the fire ended the lives of seven members of the Murchinson family. The home was rebuilt in 1837 and was used as a station for the Underground Railroad. By 1864, the Edwards family had moved in. In 1864, the daughter, Margaret, was raped and murdered by the farmhand, Elisha Culbert. It was said he led her out by telling her that her horse was sick. He dumped her body in a creek near the house and was lynched when her body was recovered. The victim's mother was devastated and hung herself outside of a third floor window. The spirit of the mother is still heard walking up to the third floor. The farmhand can still be heard walking up to the door. The house burnt down again in 1987 and was rebuilt again.[30]
  • Keith House in Graeme Park is said to be haunted by Elizabeth "Maggie" Graeme (daughter of Dr. Thomas Graeme), who was heartbroken by her husband Henry Hugh Fergusson after he abandoned her at the end of the American Revolutionary War, a spirit believed to be Fergusson, and a headless servant.[8]
  • The Harrisburg State Hospital in Harrisburg is reported to have violent poltergeist activity.[31]
  • The Phillips' Rangers Monument in Hesston is the site of Captain William Phillips and his Rangers massacre at the hands of Indians, the ghost of Phillips is seen standing vigil, and every July 16 (the anniversary of the massacre), the Indians and Rangers are observed around the grounds.[8]
Bolton House in 2012.
Kelly Road
  • Kelly Road, in Ohioville, a mile-long stretch of road nicknamed "Mystery Mile" by former residents, is reported to be the site of supernatural activity. Animals along this road turn from docile to violent without explanation, often chasing after people and each other. The thick forest that the road cuts through is known for unexplained noises and white apparitions. The origin of these events is unknown, and speculation ranges from some kind of curse on the land to cult activity once tied to this region.[39]
  • The Dixmont State Hospital near Pittsburgh is said to be home to several entities including a male that would patrol the morgue and try to frighten those that entered the area.[40]
  • Psychic Theater in Scranton (at 1433 N. Main Avenue) tells of a haunting: "the legend of a long-ago murder victim that still haunts the 100-year-old building...that (has) been featured on the Travel Channel." According to the Pennsylvania Department of Tourism's Pursuit Magazine article of the top ten most haunted places, "one should be ready for a true scare...", and it is "not for the timid or weak of heart."[41]
  • The former Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity house at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in Slippery Rock is said to be haunted by Samuel Mohawk and his victims of the Wigton Massacre, though the massacre occurred miles away in Brady Township.[42]
  • Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Spring City is reported to have numerous accounts of paranormal activity and was featured on the paranormal TV shows Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Extreme Paranormal.[43]
Fields in Valley Forge National Historical Park

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