Residence Halls at Winona State University

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Residence Housing Association
Type Hall Governance Body
President Megan Sticha (2015)
Students about 2,700 (as of Spring 2011)
Affiliations MACURH

Winona State University uses sixteen[1] buildings as on-campus living communities. Nine buildings are on the main campus of Winona State,[2] three are on West Campus, and four are built east of campus.[3]

Kirkland Hall and New Center West[edit]

Originally named as New Hall East and New Center West (commonly referred to as New Hall[4]), Kirkland Hall/New Center West is the most recent housing addition to the WSU campus. This complex consists of two buildings adjacent and also mirror images of each other. There are 106 units in this co-ed complex however, each unit is single-gendered. There is an extra-long twin bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, closet, trash and recycling bins for each student. Window coverings are also provided. This new type of student housing opened in Fall 2010 and has given over 400 upper-class students, including transfer students, a place to call home.

Prentiss-Lucas Hall[edit]

Prentiss-Lucas Hall (commonly referred to as P-L[4]) as it's called at Winona State, is one of the six freshmen residence halls. It is heavily built-up, though acquisitions of new housing in recent years has relieved some of the pressure on P-L. The two sides of the hall are mirror-image duplicates of each other (Prentiss is the men's residence side and Lucas is the women's),[4] linked by a common lobby and lower level.

The Quad[edit]

The Quad has four[5] residence halls that form a square: Conway Hall, Richards Hall, Morey and Shepard Halls. The Quad contains multiple lounges, typically located where the four residence halls intersect each other. It houses over 500 students, most of which are freshmen.[5] Conway Hall is a four-story building with the first two floors consisting of women and the upper floors consiring of men. Morey and Shepard Halls are connected in an "L" shape. Like Prentiss-Lucas, Morey-Shepard consists of a men's (Morey) and women's (Shepard) residence hall. Richards Hall is a four-story residence hall. Richards is also co-ed, the first two floors, including the Richards Annex, house men and the third and fourth being women.

Sheehan Hall[edit]

Sheehan Hall is a thirteen-story women's residence hall, and the majority freshmen.[6] The second through thirteenth floors are residential and the first floor is a lobby and social area;[7]

Residential College[edit]

The Residential College, also called West Campus, is situated on the former campus of the College of Saint Teresa (CST), a defunct Roman Catholic women's college. Winona State has purchased Lourdes Hall, the Tau Center, and Maria Hall. The west campus is divided into seven different "Houses", to create a sense of community and competition between different members of the dormitories. These houses are Aquila House (Tau Center), Eridanus and Octans Houses (Maria Hall), and Vela, Volans, Pyxis, & Hydra Houses (Lourdes Hall). These houses act as Living, Learning Communities, in that each is assigned a "House interest class." Students interested in learning about a specific topic can choose to live in that House and take that interest class. These students will also be living in the same house as their classmates.

Lourdes Hall[edit]

Lourdes Hall was acquired by Winona State in the early 1990s. It has a cafeteria, which serves for all three halls on the West Campus. The dining facilities include chandeliers, high ceilings, and a multitude of seating options. This proves useful for the biennial 'Madrigal' Festival as well as the Residence Housing Association's Spring Formal. Lourdes is a co-educational hall divided by wings. Most of the residence hall rooms in Lourdes are single occupancy and formed in alcoves off the main hallway. The first floor is all-men's, the second and fourth are all women's; and the third floor is co-educational. Lourdes is supposedly haunted, and ghost sightings have been reported in the hall, especially on its third and fourth floors. There is speculation that it has to do with a convent that had previously been located on the premises. Lourdes also boasts a heated swimming pool and a small fitness center. Lourdes Hall also hosts Mugshots, a weekly event on Thursdays. It is an opportunity in which up-coming musicians, comedy acts, and other forms of entertainment can be enjoyed align with free coffee and snacks.

Tau Center[edit]

Tau Center was acquired in 2003 and serves as a co-educational residence hall/conference center. It is located on Winona State's West Campus, behind Lourdes, and is governed in conjunction with Maria Hall. Tau was previously operated by the Diocese of Winona. Residents consist mainly of freshman, and the vast majority of rooms are for single occupants. The basement of Tau center holds a large lounge area, kitchen, and laundry room for student use. The first floor has a large circular lounge called the Rotunda, which is typically used as a conferencing center, however it is available to students when not in use for a conference. Tau is also the only WSU residence hall with a fire pit. This fire pit can be used if reserved through the Tau front desk.

Maria Hall[edit]

Maria Hall was acquired in 2000 and serves as a co-educational, and typically freshmen, residence hall, with first and third floor as female floors, and second and fourth floor as male floors. Each floor has a full lounge and kitchen, complete with television, furniture, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster. The basement of Maria is composed of 2 large lounges, one kitchen, and a laundry room. Maria Hall is home to just over 200 students. A tunnel connects Maria to Lourdes Hall which students are able to use.

East Lake Apartments[edit]

East Lake was built in 2002-2003 and opened in 2004, and serves as an apartment complex for both men and women. East Lake is typically upperclassmen. Students living in East Lake do not need to purchase a meal plan, but can instead choose to get a "Block meal" plan if they would like.


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