Revised Dwikora Cabinet

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Revised Dwikora Cabinet
Kabinet Dwikora Yang Disempurnakan
Flag of Indonesia.svg
24th cabinet of Indonesia
Indonesian Government (Executive Branch)
National emblem of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.svg
Date formed 24 February 1966 (1966-02-24)
Date dissolved 27 March 1966 (1966-03-27)
People and organisations
Head of state Sukarno
Predecessor Dwikora Cabinet
Successor Second Revised Dwikora Cabinet

The revised Dwikora Cabinet (Indonesian: Kabinet Dwikora Yang Disempurnakan) was the Indonesian Cabinet which served under President Sukarno from February 1966 to March 1966. The Cabinet was formed under an extremely tense political situation and it was expected that this Cabinet would address the concerns of the people. It was during a meeting of this Cabinet that unidentified troops surrounded the Presidential Palace causing to Sukarno to escape to Bogor from where he gave Supersemar to Lieutenant General Suharto.


Cabinet Presidium[edit]

  • First Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade: Subandrio
  • Second Deputy Prime Minister/Coordinating Minister of Distribution/Minister of Higher Education and Science: Johannes Leimena
  • Third Deputy Prime Minister/Chairman of MPRS: Chaerul Saleh
  • Fourth Deputy Prime Minister/Vice Chairman of MPRS: Idham Chalid
  • Minister of Information: Maj. Gen. Achmadi

Ministers in the Field of Law and Home Affairs[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Sartono
  • Minister of Home Affairs/Governor of Jakarta: Maj. Gen. Soemarno Sosroatmojo
  • Minister of Justice: A Astrawinata
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:Wirjono Prodjodikoro
  • Attorney General: Brig. Gen. Sutardhio

Ministers in the Field of Defense and Security[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Maj. Gen. Sarbini
  • Deputy Coordinating Minister: Maj. Gen. Mursyid
  • Commander of the Army: Maj. Gen. Suharto
  • Commander of the Navy: R. Adm. Muljadi
  • Deputy Commander of the Navy: Marines Maj. Gen. Hartono
  • Commander of the Air Force: AVM Sri Muljono Herlambang
  • Chief of Police: Police Gen. Sutjipto Judodihardjo

Ministers in the Field of Finance[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Sumarno
  • Governor of the Central Bank: Jusuf Muda Dalam
  • First Lieutenant Governor of the Central Bank: JD Massie
  • Lieutenant Governors of the Central Bank: Arifin Harahap and Mohamad Hasan
  • Minister of State Funds: Surjadi
  • Minister of Expenditures: Police Brig. Gen. Hugeng Imam Santoso
  • Minister of Insurance: Sucipto S Amidharmo

Ministers in the Field of Development[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister/Minister of Tourism: Hamengkubuwono IX
  • Minister of Manpower: Sutomo Martopradoto
  • Minister of National Research: Suhadi Reksowardojo
  • Minister of Oil and Natural Gas: Maj. Gen. Ibnu Sutowo
  • Minister of Mining: Armunanto
  • Minister of Basic Industries: Brig. Gen. M Jusuf

Ministers in the Field of People's Industries[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Maj. Gen. Azis Saleh
  • Minister of Textile Industry: Brig. Gen. Danudirdjo Ashari
  • Minister of Light Industry: AVM. Suharnoko Harbani
  • Minister of Hand Made Industry: Hadi Thayeb
  • Minister of Self-Reliance/Assistant Minister to Coordinating Minister of People's Industries: TD Pardede

Ministers in the Field of Public Works and Energy[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Sutami
  • Minister of Electricity and Energy: Setiadi Reksoprodjo
  • Minister of Irrigation: PC Harjadisudirdja
  • Minister of Road Maintenance: Brig. Gen. Hartawan Wirjodiprodjo
  • Minister of Job Creations and Constructions: David Chen Chung
  • Minister of Trans-Sumatra Highway: Bratanata

Ministers in the Field of Agriculture and Agrarian Affairs[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Sadjarwo
  • Minister of Agriculture:ir Sukarno
  • Minister of Plantations: Frans Seda
  • Minister of Forestry: Sudjarwo
  • Minister of Agrarian Affairs: Rudolf Hermanses
  • Minister of People's Irrigation and Village Development: Surachman

Ministers in the Field of Distribution[edit]

  • Minister of National Trade: Brig. Gen. Achmad Jusuf
  • Minister of Land Transportation: Lt. Gen. Hidayat
  • Minister of Post and Telecommunication: Air Mshl. S. Suryadarma
  • Minister of Air Transportation: Partono
  • Minister of Transmigration and Cooperatives: Achadi

Ministers in the Field of Maritime Affairs[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister/Minister of Sea Transportation: Marines Maj. Gen. Ali Sadikin
  • Minister of Fisheries and Sea Exploration: R. Adm. Hamzah Atmohandojo
  • Minister of Maritime Industries: Mardanus

Ministers in the Field of Welfare[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Muljadi Djojomartono
  • Minister of Social Affairs: Rusiah Sardjono
  • Minister of Health: Maj. Gen. Satrio

Ministers in the Field of Religious Affairs[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister/Minister of Religious Affairs: Sjaifuddin Zuchri
  • Minister of Hajj Affairs: Farid Mar'uf
  • Minister of Government Liaison with Ulamas: Marzuki Jatim
  • Assistant to Minister of Religious Affairs: Abdul Fattah Jasin

Ministers in the Field of Education and Culture[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Prijono
  • Minister of Basic Education and Culture: Sumardjo
  • Minister of Sports: Maladi

Ministers in the Field of Communication with the People[edit]

  • Coordinating Minister: Ruslan Abdulgani
  • Minister of Government Liaison with MPRS/Mutual Assistance People's Representative Council (DPR-GR)/Supreme Advisory Council (DPA)/National Front: WJ Rumambi
  • Secretary General of the National Front: JK Tumakaka

Presidential Advisers[edit]

  • Presidential Adviser for Funds and Forces: Notohamiprodjo
  • Presidential Advisers for National Security: Police Gen. Sukarno Djojonegoro and Munandjat
  • Special Minister of Security: Lt. Col. Sjafei

State Ministers Attached to the Cabinet Presidium[edit]

  • State Ministers: Oei Tjoe Tat, Brig. Gen. Sukendro, Aminuddin Azis, Sudibjo, Brig. Gen. Mudjoko

State Officials[edit]

  • Vice Chairman of the MPRS: Ali Sastroamidjojo
  • Vice Chairman of the MPRS/Chairman of the National Resillience Institute (LEMHANAS): Maj. Gen. Wilujo Puspojudo

Officials with Ministerial Rank[edit]

  • State Secretary: M. Ichsan
  • Second Vice Chairman of DPA: Sujono Hadinoto
  • Deputy Speakers of DPR-GR: Sjarif Thayeb, Asmara Hadi, R. Adm. Mursalin Daeng Mamangung, HA Syaichu
  • Financial Auditors: Sukardan, Radius Prawiro, Mochtar Usman, HA Pandelaki
  • Director General of the National Atomic Body: GA Siwabessy
  • Commander of the Establishment of Aviation Industry Command (KOPELAPIP): Air Mshl. Omar Dani
  • Project Manager for KOPELAPIP: Kurwet Kartaadiredja


On 18 March 1966, Subandrio, Chaerul Saleh, Setiadi Reksoprodjo, Sumardjo, Oei Tjoe Tat, Yusuf Muda Dalam, Armunanto, Surachman, Sutomo Martopradoto, Astrawinata, Achmadi, Sjafei, JK Tumakaka, Achadi, and Soemarno Sosroatmojo were arrested. A number of interim ministers were appointed to replace the 15 arrested ministers as follows:

  • Ad interim ministers in the cabinet presidium
  • Other ad interim ministers
    • Minister of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Economic Relations: Adam Malik
    • Minister of Justice: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Wirjono Prodjodikoro
    • Minister of Labor: Frans Seda (retained his position as plantations minister)
    • Minister of Mining: Maj. Gen. Ibnu Sutowo (retained his position as oil and natural gas minister)
    • Minister of Electricity and Energy: Sutami (retained his position as coordinating minister)

To replace Saleh as Chairman of the PPCA, Gen. Abdul Haris Nasution of the Army was appointed to this position.

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