Roman Catholic Diocese of Jeonju

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Diocese of Jeonju

Dioecesis Ieoniuensis

전주 교구
Country South Korea
Ecclesiastical provinceGwangju
Area8,050 km2 (3,110 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2006)
171,151 (9.1%)
DenominationRoman Catholic
RiteRoman Rite
Established13 April 1937 (82 years ago)
CathedralCathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Jeonju
Current leadership
BishopBishop Dr. John Kim Son-Tae (May 13, 2017-present)
Metropolitan ArchbishopHyginus Kim Hee Jong
Bishops emeritusBishop Emeritus Vincent Ri Pyung-ho
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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Jeonju (Latin: Dioecesis Ieoniuensis) is a suffragan diocese of the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church in the ecclesiastical province of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Gwangju, South Korea, yet depends on the missionary Roman Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Its episcopal see is Joongang Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Jeonju 전주시, Jeollabuk-do 전라북도 It also has a former cathedral, now Jeondong Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Jeonju.[1]



As per 2014, it pastorally served 190,465 Catholics (10.2% of 1,872,965 total) on 8,066 km² in 93 parishes and 5 missions with 213 priests (209 diocesan, 4 religious), 341 lay religious (7 brothers, 334 sisters) and 42 seminarians.[1]

Episcopal ordinaries[edit]

(all Roman Rite) [1]

Apostolic Prefects of Zenshu
Apostolic Prefects of Jeonju
  • Bartolomeo Hyun-bae Kim (see above 1950.07.12 – 1957.01.26 see below)
Apostolic Vicars of Jeonju
Diocesan Bishops of Jeonju
  • Peter Gong-ryul Han (see above 1962.03.10 – 1971), next Metropolitan Archbishop of Gwangju 광주 (South Korea) (1971 – death 1973.03.07)
  • Augustine Jae-deok Kim (1973.01.29 – retired 1981.04.10), died 1988
  • Michael Pak Jeong-il (박정일 미카엘) (Michael Jung-il Park) (1982.06.08 – 1988.12.15), previously Bishop of Jeju 제주 (South Korea) (1977.04.15 – 1982.06.08); later Bishop of Masan 마산 (South Korea) (1988.12.15 – retired 2002.11.11), President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea (1999 – 2002)
  • Vincent Byung-ho Ree (Vincent Ri Pyung-ho) (1990.02.08 – retired 2017.03.14)
  • John Kim Son-Tae (2017.05.13. - )[2]

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