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Rorion Gracie
Born (1952-01-10) January 10, 1952 (age 63)
Rio de Janeiro (state) Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Residence California United States Torrance, California
Style Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Teacher(s) Helio Gracie
Rank      9th Degree Red belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Spouse Silvia Gracie
Children Rose, Riane, Ryron, Rener, Ralek, Segina, Reylan, Roran, Renon, Ricon
Notable students Ryron Gracie, Ralek Gracie, John McCarthy, Ed O'Neill, Michael Clarke Duncan, Dr. Robert Rey, Eve Torres, Javier Vazquez, CM Punk

Rorion Gracie (/ˈhɔəri.ɒn ˈɡræs/; born 1952) is a Gracie Jiu-jitsu Grand Master, a prominent member of the Gracie family, writer, publisher, producer, lecturer, and the co-founder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the oldest son of Hélio Gracie[1] and one of the few people in the world to hold a 9th degree red belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,[2] receiving that promotion on October 27, 2003 from his father.

Rorion, who holds a degree in Law, is a best selling writer, publisher, producer, lecturer, and is widely recognized as the man responsible for introducing Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to the United States and the world. His techniques are the core of the official US Army Combatives program, and have been implemented by virtually every military and major Law Enforcement Agency in the USA.[3]

Gracie taught Mel Gibson, Gary Busey and Rene Russo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for the movie Lethal Weapon.[4]

After visiting the US in the 1960s, Rorion went back in 1978 to share his father Hélio Gracie's Jiu-Jitsu techniques, teaching in his garage.[5] Currently, the Gracie Academy is headquartered in Torrance with a studio in Beverly Hills and online. In 1999–2000 he was involved with a legal dispute with his cousin Carley Gracie for trademark infringement. Rorion ultimately won his lawsuit and was awarded $108,000 in damages (along with $620,000 in attorney's fees) from Carley for infringement of the triangle logo trademark. Both sides appealed, but Rorion's appeal was dismissed. Then, Carley filed for bankruptcy protection so he would not have to pay the attorney's fees and damages. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Carley's favor, and affirmed that Gracie Jiu-jitsu was a style of martial art, and as such, it was public domain, and ordered the District Court Judge to cancel Rorion's federal trademark registration.[6] However, Rorion does retain valid trademark registrations on various aspects of the Gracie mark including in Class 25, for clothing, which he has successfully defended in a few court cases.

Rorion wrote and published the book Gracie Diet in 2011.[7]

Instructor lineage[edit]

Kanō JigorōTomita TsunejirōMitsuyo "Count Koma" MaedaCarlos GracieHelio Gracie → Rorion Gracie

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Rorion Gracie is the author of The Gracie Diet Book, released 2011. The book reveals the eating strategies behind the Gracie family's remarkable health, longevity and success in GJJ.

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