Roxy Leech

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Roxy Leech
Roxy Leech as seen on Adventures of Superman #502
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Adventures of Superman #502 (July 1993)
Created by Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood
In-story information
Alter ego Roxanne Leech

Roxy Leech is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. She first appeared in Adventures of Superman #502 in July 1993 and for a time was a regular supporting character in the Superboy line of comics.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Roxy is the beautiful, and tough daughter of the Con-man Rex Leech. From the first day she met Superboy, she immediately fell hard for him. Due to Sam Makoa's and Superboy's influencing, she is a cadet of the Hawaii S.C.U. She has never been happy with her father's career, but when he represented Superboy her life got better. Superboy and everyone ended up moving to Hawaii[1] and her relationship with Superboy went from puppy love to sibling rivalry. Rex, her father, owed money to Mr. Gamboni that he didn't pay back, so Mr. Gamboni send Copperhead after him, he spared Rex's life but took Roxy instead, luckily Superboy managed to save Roxy's life.[2] During the "Meltdown" series,[3] Roxy saves Superboy's life donating him her D.N.A. to keep him stable, this makes her a hero and her relationship with him better.

Rex and Roxy move on with their lives when they incorrectly believe Superboy to be dead.[4]

Roxy made a brief appearance in the "Spider-Boy" comic of Amalgam Comics.[5] In this issue she played a cadet for the S.C.U. working with "Flash" Thompson, Captain Sam Makoa and Sgt Barnes.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Roxy is skilled in matters relating to law enforcement and police procedure.


When last seen, Roxy Leech was still a cadet with the Hawaii Special Crimes Unit. It may be reasonably assumed that she has since graduated from the academy and became a full-fledged police officer.


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