Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995

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Eurovision Song Contest 1995
Country Russia
National selection
Selection processInternal selection
Selected entrantPhilipp Kirkorov
Selected song"Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana"
Finals performance
Final result17th, 17 points
Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Russia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 in Dublin, Ireland. The Russian entry was selected internally by the Russian broadcaster Russian Public Television (ORT). Philipp Kirkorov represented Russia with the song "Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana", which placed 17th and scored 17 points at the contest.[1]

Internal selection[edit]

ORT held an internal selection in order to decide the artist and song that would represent Russia. Due to time constraints, ORT selected Philipp Kirkorov two weeks before the start of rehearsals in Dublin. Kirkorov searched through his archive of unreleased songs and found two songs: "Karnaval" and "Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana". The latter song, with music by Ilya Bershadskiy and lyrics by Ilya Reznik, was chosen as the Russian entry.[2]

At Eurovision[edit]

Russia performed 6th at the 1995 Contest, following Norway and preceding Iceland. After the voting concluded, Russia scored 17 points and placed 17th.

The Russian conductor at the contest was Mikhail Finberg.[2] The voting spokesperson for Russia was Marina Danielian.

After the contest concluded, it was discovered that "Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana" was previously released by Moldovan singer Anastasia Lazariuc. The song was released in 1985 with Romanian lyrics under the title "Buna seara stelelor".[2]

Points awarded to Russia[edit]

Points awarded to Russia[1]
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Russia[edit]

Points awarded by the Russian jury:[1]

12 points  Norway
10 points  Denmark
8 points  Israel
7 points  Slovenia
6 points  Sweden
5 points  Ireland
4 points  Cyprus
3 points  Iceland
2 points  Hungary
1 point  United Kingdom

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