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Highest point
Elevation 1,522 m (4,993 ft)
Location Pakistan
Parent range Salt Range
Easiest route Hike

Sakaser is the highest mountain in the Salt Range area in Pothohar in Pakistan. Soan Sakaser Valley starts from here. Sakaser is compound of Saki and sar. Saki related to Sakia or Buddha and sar is pond. It is situated in Khushab District but it can be seen from adjoining districts of Mianwali and Chakwal.

Uchhali Lake is just below it. It is a good picnic spot and moderately tough walking point. At its top there is a radar.

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Coordinates: 32°32′00″N 71°56′00″E / 32.5333333333°N 71.9333333333°E / 32.5333333333; 71.9333333333