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Scarborough East as it was from 1996 to 2004.

Scarborough East was a Canadian electoral district represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1968 to 2003.

It initially consisted the eastern part of the Borough of Scarborough, although its boundaries were adjusted several times. It was created in 1966 from part of York—Scarborough. The federal electoral district was abolished in 2003 when it was redistributed between Pickering—Scarborough East and Scarborough—Guildwood ridings.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Historic boundaries[edit]

Federal election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1968
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Martin O'Connell 23,701
New Democratic Kenneth Ranney 13,265
Progressive Conservative James A. Taylor 12,477
Canadian federal election, 1972
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Reg Stackhouse 27,301
Liberal Martin O'Connell 25,837
New Democratic John McMahon 14,731
Social Credit George McLenon 227
Not affiliated Don Macerollo 77
Canadian federal election, 1974
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Martin O'Connell 30,586
Progressive Conservative D. Crawford Smyth 23,585
New Democratic John McMahon 10,772
Social Credit George McLenon 173
Independent Raymond M. Whidden 172
Marxist–Leninist Sharon Stevenson 96
Canadian federal election, 1979
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Gordon Gilchrist 21,381
Liberal Martin O'Connell 16,002
New Democratic Sid Dunkley 8,190
Libertarian Paul Young 170
Marxist–Leninist Thomas Boylan 62
Canadian federal election, 1980
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Gordon Gilchrist 17,658
Liberal Martin O'Connell 17,147
New Democratic Chris Bain 8,533
Libertarian Paul C. Young 181
Marxist–Leninist Tom Boylan 60
Canadian federal election, 1984
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Bob Hicks 26,349
Liberal Betty Fevreau 13,325
New Democratic Alawi Mohideen 6,422
Green Lois Jean James 553
Libertarian Jim Mcintosh 512
Communist Norman Brudy 142
Commonwealth of Canada James Browne 87
Canadian federal election, 1988
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive Conservative Bob Hicks 18,149
Liberal Betty Fevreau 16,337
New Democratic Mary Cook 6,866
Libertarian Jim Mcintosh 307
Green Greg Knittl 201
Communist Kathy Koulas 69
Canadian federal election, 1993
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Doug Peters 20,048
Reform Randall Flint 10,239
Progressive Conservative D'arcy Keene 6,598
New Democratic Doug Ottenbreit 1,524
National David Glover 379
Libertarian Jim Mcintosh 363
Green Lois Jean James 250
Natural Law Carol-Anne Coulter 195
Abolitionist James Norton Worthington 59
Canadian federal election, 1997
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal John McKay 23,065
Progressive Conservative D'arcy Keene 8,297
Reform Calvin Henry-Cotnam 7,011
New Democratic Bob Frankford 3,330
Green Sharon Trivers 278
Christian Heritage Ian Town 171
Canadian Action Stan Roberts 164
Natural Law Erica Kindl 135
Canadian federal election, 2000
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal John McKay 24,019
Alliance Paul Calandra 7,559
Progressive Conservative Paul McCrossan 6,284
New Democratic Denise Lake 1,884
Canadian Action Dave Glover 292
Marxist–Leninist France Tremblay 113

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